Label Snob

Fat Free! Low Cal! You’ve seen these eye-catching foodie labels, but it’s time to look closer.

A read a recent article from FitSugar that I think deserves some attention:
Food Labels That Sound Healthier, But Aren’t

Light or fat-free: My friend always said, this doesn’t mean if you’re fat you get it for free. Few cals sounds awesome but it’s means that they had to get the flavor from somewhere so they usually pack on extra sugar or salt.

Whole grain, multigrain, or seven-grain: This one kind of bums me out because a muffin (aka naked cupcake) always looks tasty. The grains might be there but in another shape, and the ingredients might also include enriched flour.

Real fruit juice: I mean it takes like 3 medium oranges for a small glass. Hello hidden calorie bomb. Please double check you don’t find corn syrup in the fine print. Look for labels that say “100 percent real fruit juice.” Or better yet, grab an actual piece of natural fruit!

Gluten-free: To all those on this bandwagon without a real allergy, I salute you because it’s a hard commitment. When going GF it doesn’t mean it’s any healthier than the real deal.

When it doubt, it’s always best to go with things that have a quick shelf life – meaning buy more fruits and veggies! Stick to those outer aisles of the grocery store.

What’s something that drives you bonkers about food labeling?

9 responses to “Label Snob

  1. I always try to steer clear of things that yell LOW FAT, etc. It’s a sign that there are a ridiculous amount of chemicals in the product. Like you said, grab a piece or REAL fruit instead 🙂

  2. I enjoy when boxes of pasta say “enriched”. Which seems to really only mean “the first 5 ingredients have nothing to do with wheat or flour or anything even related”. I was reading the back of a cheap box of pasta we have in our pantry and yelled to my roommate “is this even really pasta? what IS this?” We threw it out.

  3. Oh yes! I love these! great post! Those drive me crazy too, or whole wheat vs whole GRAIN. totally different, yet also can be misleading!

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