Being Present Is A Gift


To everyone who stops by this place where I list my most random of thoughts, thank you. To those that even take time to comment, well – you have no idea how big of a smile that puts on my face or how much it truly means.

The past few weeks, and really months, have been absolutely non-stop. I’ve undertaken the massive decision to let go of some things. At this time, I’m taking a pause on this space to be more present in my life.

I could go on about how our schedules fill up, or how seeing my little man grow up truly goes fast, but it’s more about giving time to the things I need to focus on at the moment.

If I could only give one word of advice to someone trying to find peace in an overwhelming and stressful and chaotic world, it would be this: simplify. But if I could give two more words of advice, they’d be: be present.


13 responses to “Being Present Is A Gift

  1. I will miss your posts! I too am making an effort to be more present in the present. Enjoy your family!

  2. I’ll miss you! But, I think this is one of the greatest decisions a mamma can make! Enjoy time with your family, exploring your new home, and being present in all of it!

  3. For me, simplification is being patient and focusing on what really matters in the long run. It allows me to block out much of the chaos and unfairness that would otherwise bring me down. I agree that being present in this moment is a gift.

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