The grass is always greener, on the running side

lawnWhere would the running community be without supporters, cheerleaders and volunteers? I want to give a MASSIVE shout out to my own father for going well out of his way to help my local running community.

When I suckered got my mom hooked on running she started regular runs with a friend around our neighborhood. Her running path took her out of the subdivision on to local sidewalks. These sidewalks were never groomed and they would have to dodge high grass, pine cones, sticks and whatever trash some idiot had tossed from his car on to the path. It sucked.

daddyoMy dad isn’t a runner, but he knows how important it is to my mom and I. Without being asked, without being paid, my dad started to groom the sidewalks out of neighborhood. We’re talking a 5+ mile path that wasn’t his property. He regularly mows and manicures the local running path. Sure, there are the folks that say, “If you don’t like it, run somewhere else.” Those people can take a long run off a short pier. Not only does it help us runners, but it looks a load better. Win, win here.

So, thank you to my dad and to the countless other volunteers out there making running safer and better for those of us passionate about beating pavement. These words don’t seem to be enough, but these acts of kindness deserve some major props.

Feel free to share praise for those making your community a better place! Who’s your biggest cheerleader?

16 responses to “The grass is always greener, on the running side

  1. That is so kind of your dad! I wonder what others runners would say if they knew it was him?!
    My biggest cheerleaders are hubby, my parents and sister, and friends. None of my friends are runners or even play sports but they are SO supportive and encouraging of us!

  2. That’s awesome!!! Love how running and triathlon seem to get everyone involved, not just the athletes. I love the sense of community it creates.

  3. Woohoo! Go Dad! That’s really awesome. I always think about how great our communities would be if we took a little extra time to make them more exercise-friendly. Maybe more people would get out and run, walk, bike, etc. if they felt they had a proper place to do it.

  4. Wow, now that is love! You’re dad is my hero. I wish there were more people out there like him. We need to be sure we show those people who go out of their way how grateful we are! Cheers to your pops!!!

  5. My hubby is such a great supporter and unknown hero to other runners. Runners are thankful and honk when he is cutting the grass in 90 degrees heat in the summer but don’t know the name. He’s even cut a tree that fell in our path to keep us safe. and

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