Race Recap – Don’t Call It A Comeback

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I officially completed my first race post baby. I took part in a local 5 mile race, The Hopkins Raspberry Run, the perfect distance to break back into racing. Considering we’ve been moving the past month and my training has been spotty at best, I am elated to say that I nailed a 6:49 pace to clock in at 34.04 – 2nd in my age group and 9th out of the 57 women.

I wish I could say that I felt great throughout the short race, but I think around mile 3 I was panicking. I’ve done marathons, halfs, tris, but this is the first time my back started hurting and I felt kind of quirky. I dug deep to finish strong. The race started at 11 o’clock, which was cool/bizarre. Thank goodness it was a cooler day.

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My learning lesson was that I should have stuck to some type of training plan. I was all over the place sneaking in runs and speed work, and I don’t feel I was 100% ready to race. Life got in the way and I tried to adapt during the move.

No complaints, as any race you finish is a great achievement and it was fun to be surrounded by other passionate runners. I’ve also gotten the running and race bug back hardcore and am ready for another challenge.

High five to all my fellow running fanatics out there.

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How was your weekend??

20 responses to “Race Recap – Don’t Call It A Comeback

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  2. Rock star! Who needs training with that speed?!? I had to giggle as you described your panic…ummm, it obviously wasn’t too bad with a pace like that 😉 what’s next?

    Glad to see you are enjoying MN and happy to hear it’s been treating you nicely too!

    • Dude, my ol’ back is barkin. Is this what happens post babies?? MN is friggin awesome, thank you for all your awesome suggestions and support for the city!

  3. Hot AND fast momma! Seriously- that’s an amazingly speedy time. When you factor in a babe and the stress of moving, you absolutely killed it!
    You guys are my favourite fit family and definitely something to aspire to!
    Congratulations again!!!

  4. 6:49 pace?! WHAT?!! Congrats, girl. That is seriously amazing. Your little (so freaking adorable) guy is one lucky babe. 😉

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