Do One Thing That Scares You

Miss me? Sorry for the absence kids, but I took a mini vacation, and it was glorious! I’m rested, tan and can say that I had one of the most active vacays ever?

Since I’m a bit rounder in the middle laying out it in the sun lasts for a few minutes before I am absolutely restless. The hus can’t sit still so this situation works out in favor. We did loads of walking, swimming and sea kayaking. Yep, I even went in a kayak solo. The hus does a great job of pushing this prego lady in a healthy way. Many times you want to use the pregnancy card to take the easy way out, but I realized I don’t give my body enough credit and it is willing to do some pretty cool things.

Our 10 mile excursion didn’t leave me exhausted at all, it was a great change of pace considering I normally rely on beach running to stay active. I am now excited to incorporate more swimming into my regular fitness routine. Never thought I’d say that!

For your Monday motivation, I encourage you to do one thing this week that scares you. I know you’ve heard this technique before but it could be as simple as running a brand new route. Promise me you’ll at least entertain this idea.

What’s something you could do differently this week?

24 responses to “Do One Thing That Scares You

  1. Ohhhhhhhh.,,…….that looks amazing!!!! You are so cute with tour tiny little belly. I already feel like a beached whale. I managed to run 20 mikes last week while barfing on the trail. Seriously I have the worst Morning sickness. I’m so glad you got a great little vaca!!!!

  2. You are so adorable. That vacation looked (photographically) amazing, and I’m now even further convinced that I must take a trip with you two to enjoy the European coast! 😉

    This get-out-of-your-comfort-zone reminder never hurts! Preach on, lady. xo

    • I hate water and when I ended up doing 10 miles I was super surprised. I’d love to know what you’d do!!

      And you know you are MORE than welcome. Tour de France turns 100!!

  3. I love the photo! Where were you guys- it looks incredible?!
    After my IM (less than a week- yikes) I plan on branching out and trying different things. Hopefully I actually do test the strange waters!

  4. awww LOVE beach running!! I will definitely be fitting some in this week!
    you look fabulous! I cannot sit still and tan for too long either, I have to distract myself with reading if I want to lay out, usually I just run in my “sporty” bikini on the beach.
    I really like this ‘challenge’ from you…I’m not sure what scares me yet, but I will find something!
    I hope your week is off to a great start! xoxo!

  5. Wow, you guys sure are motivated. 😉 I LOVE kayaking on beach vacations- it’s fun to see the coast from a different vantage point and it doesn’t feel like a workout (well, sometimes it does toward the end). Looking good, lady!

  6. you look so cute! your time sounds glorious!! And for me, it was running 9 miles today. I haven’t run farther than 8 (and that was just last week, before that, hovering in 5-7 miles max) but did today, ‘virtually’ running part of my sister’s marathon training run of 20 miles. Felt scary but exhilarating 🙂

  7. I’ve said it before and you can’t stop me from saying it again – you are absolutely the cutest pregnant lady ever. EVER. I’m glad you guys had some time to relax and soak up some sun. And kudos for pushing yourself – I need to do more of that in every area of my life!

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