Geared for the Run

We all have things we can’t live without. That favorite pair of worn out shoes, or that workout t-shirt you swear by. I’ve got a little honeypot to share, the gear I get geeked about.

Disclaimer: These gems are properly tested pieces of gear that keep me up to speed. I’ll keep a spot for my faves, rotate products out and we’ll see what stays on top of my list. We’ll talk equipment, clothing, nutrition and other things that tickle my fancy.

Nike Dry-FIT Tech Capri: Short enough for summer, long enough for winter. Dual climate compatible. Multi-sport loving solid pair of fancy pants. Perfect for indoor bike workouts and stairs. Don’t want anything sticking or showing that shouldn’t. They can make anyone’s butt look good. And they don’t bell out at the bottom. They are breathable and have a back zip-pocket. I have snagged my pair (somehow) but sewed them right back into shape.

Bottoms up!

For Two Fitness: Stylish Maternity Fitness Apparel. Finding good pregnancy fitness gear can be a serious challenge. For Two Fitness has amazing options that are form-fitting but also preform. The material is comfy, lightweight and breathable. Celebrate your bump!

Brooks Ravenna: Shoes are the key to your running soul. I’ve yet to race in these, but training has felt good. Less padding so you feel more in-line with your form when you run. Shoelaces are supah long, but you can replace those.

Pavement Beater

iPod Shuffle 1G: Fits anywhere. Plays anything – well up to 100ish songs. Customize your playlist before a big race and it will get you through. Most importantly it’s durable. The bummer is finding the perfect headphones that are comfortable for hard workouts.

Jolly Green Musical Giant

Ryders Eyewear Hex Shades: Very lightweight, feather-like. Even during long runs I don’t tug on the ear-pieces or push on the nose-piece. These slim shades stay put, thanks to anti-slip nose and temple pads. My face is happy. They are simplistic but get the job done with interchangeable lenses to adapt to any time of day.

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