Thursday Thoughts & Giveaway Winner!

photoI am obsessed with that Royal Babe. #believethehype
Midwestern summer nights might be the best thing ever.
Is it seriously almost August?
Childproofing is real.
OCD hubs = all boxes from move unpacked in the first weekend.
Smoothies and me. All. The. Time.
Running > pedicures.
Pop Tarts. You naughty pantry you.
Starbucks via in bulk.

Enough babbling, let’s bark to it! Your pet thanks you for all the entries into the Purina Light & Healthy summer giveaway pack. The big winner is (are) Simon & Rascal, proud mom Heather. Heather – email me for more info! Congrats.

Royal baby, over it or can’t get enough of it?

10 responses to “Thursday Thoughts & Giveaway Winner!

  1. Uh oh…pop tarts are like a sinful dessert for breakfast that you just can’t say no to! I discovered that during my pregnancy…I just tried oatmeal in a smoothie…not a fan! Any fav blends?

    Seriously August…unreal how fast time is going! Pretty soon little man will be walking!

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