Friday Five

First, can I please tell you how much I absolutely adore each and every one of you who leave comments, stop by, etc. I’m honestly going manic at the moment about the move, and your encouragement and support is beyond what I ever could have expected. Y’all are amaze.

Second, TGIF babes. Time for some weekend.

1. I’M WATCHING: My kid grow up. #Imthatmom #sorrysoproud #motherrunner


2. I’M READING: About Watermelon Oreos. Are you serious?! Have you seen them? They do exist, according to Target. Watermelon is always one of my least favorite imitated flavors, but these would def be interesting for a 4th party.


3.I’M PINNING: New home. New project. Pintastic. Which is becoming a pinblem for my wallet. Guess my theme?


4. I’M LISTENING TO: One Republic’s new jam, Chasing Stars. Teddy writes for everyone, and even did Adele’s “Rumor Has It.” So how’s that?

5. I’M Indy’s NOSHING ON: This one’s for Indiana Jones. The AMAZING people at Purina sent this boy some serious puppy dog chow. Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy. He proved it was “light” when he ate through his own mail before I could get home, dragging about 40 pounds of box and food across my living room. I kind of have to give him credit for this one.


How are y’all relaxing and beating the heat this weekend?

27 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I didn’t know you are a hockey fan! Although I’m Canadian, hockey is the one sport I don’t watch!
    A gf talks nonstop about House of Cards- looks like I should start watching!
    Happy Friday; have a great weekend with your men!

  2. I also love Trisha. AND olives! I’m actually throwing a baby shower on cinco de mayo, so my margaritas will probably look more like mimosas. Haha…a celebration is a celebration, right?

  3. Oh I definitely am going to read that Outside Mag article. I want a blue cheese stuffed olive right now!!! xoxoxoxo happy weekend!

  4. Where are you moving to??? Did I miss that?

    LOVE decorating and looking at online home pictures. I can’t wait to finish the nursery and post pictures of it. It will be the best room in our whole house….no, seriously, it will. Hahhaha, one small room seemed like an easier task to tackle then say the living room, where you have to get SOPHISTICATED wall hangings. =)

  5. I am feeling that One Republic song! It may have to make an appearance on ‘the list’ 😉 Your blog always makes me happy by the way. Thanks for sharing. Ryder is so gosh darn handsome!!

  6. So you’re saying you don’t like the watermelon Jelly Belly’s?!? I have to admit although those Oreos sound nasty I’d probably give em a try. You just never know 😉

    Did Purina think Indy needed to be put on a diet? Light & healthy, Hahaha!

    Just going to try to get out and run this weekend. Otherwise, I won’t be wandering too far from the cool A/C’d indoors. Hope you have something fun and exciting planned!

  7. Ryder is growing up SO fast! And what a handsome young man!
    Watermelon is also my least favourite flavour.
    Love that Indy ate through the bad- it must be good food!
    Hope the moving is going well. You’re a superstar mom!

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