Happy National Running Day

imageDear Running,

Happy day to you! I honestly don’t know where I’d be if you had never come in my life. I’m thankful for every step, mile, cramp, twinge, celebration and heartbreak we’ve had together.

You are an incredible listener and a best friend. I appreciate your drive and ambition. You’re a wonderful teacher. I’ve learned there’s always more ups than downs and more sweat than tears.

From marathons to triathlons, you’ve been there. I’m looking forward to many more celebrations, but for now I’m ready to celebrate all the joy you’ve brought me.

In honor of National Running Day, I encourage you all to get out there and go for a fun run. Enjoy your run!

Also, Timex is asking runners across America to post their running pictures on Twitter or Instagram with #IMARUNNER. Follow along for the inspiration and motivation!

Timex is celebrating by asking runners to tweet or post to Instagram with #IMARUNNER. In return for each eligible submission, Timex will donate $5, up to $15,000, toward One Fund Boston which helps those individuals most affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. Timex will also be giving away 60 Timex Ironman watches to runners who use the hashtag. Let’s make Boston proud!

You can also enter by submitting a photo or story directly on the Timex Sports Facebook page “#IMARUNNER Tab”


Why do you run?

15 responses to “Happy National Running Day

  1. I love this! Brought a smile to my face 🙂 I run for the HIGH…and because it makes me feel free from the everyday cares of life! And it’s definitely cheaper than therapy.

  2. So cute- beautiful letter! I wonder how many people would write the same messages? I could take your exact letter and sign my name on the bottom! Did you get out alone or with Ryder today?
    I love it for the peace it brings me, and well, really everything!

  3. Ahhh it’s been too freaking long!!! Hope you had a happy running day! I made it out for a few miles. It’s been difficult getting back with scheduling, ambition and my baby body but I am thankful each opportunity I get these days. I really need to get back into the blogging world too…that’s next on my list. Hope you are well! XOXO

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