I’ve Been Goop’d

Dear Gwyneth,

I’d like the last two hours of my life back. I finally gave in and checked out your newsletter and website. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I feel motivated, inspired, and healthier just reading up on health and wellness news.


My fave reads today –

The Habit Loop: you can break your cycle. And how helpful is this How to Create a Habit chart?


Tracy’s 15-Minute Workout: Been a massive fan of Tracy Anderson for awhile now. Bookmarked this workout!

It’s All Good: Gwyneth’s cookbook. Don’t tell Trisha, y’all. This actually is filled with loads of yummy, somewhat easy recipes.


And now you know. Whew.

Heard of Goop? Any faves from the site?


10 responses to “I’ve Been Goop’d

  1. Gosh, I haven’t been to Goop in a long time, a few years maybe? It wasn’t particularly helpful then, so I’m glad to hear it has gotten better. As for Tracy, I just recently bought one of her DVD sets! (but I guess you knew that)

  2. I have heard of Goop but never checked out the site to be honest. Maybe because there was so much flap about it for a while? I’ve never tried any of Tracy’s workouts actually. Always love hearing about new workouts though!

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