Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (Getting It In Early)

Thanks to the cool kids over at Smoothie King, I was inspired to try and spoil my mom early this year for Mother’s Day.

Smoothie King is currently running a 40 Over 40 contest, a giant ‘thank you’ to the real people who inspire us everyday:logo
Over the hill? Not a chance. We’re 40, and just getting started. So let’s celebrate the people who make 40 rock – with a strong mind, heart or body. Do you know someone 40+ who is making a positive impact on their community? Tell us about them below. Our most inspiring 40 over 40 will each win $1,000 to help them continue making the world a stronger, healthier place–and you could win a $100 Smoothie King gift card just for nominating them!

Karon_WoodcockHere’s to you, Norak – The Mover & Shaker
5* is the new forty! (Whoops, almost just told the world her age.) I have never met a more selfless, compassionate, giving human being than my mom, Karon (Norak). I am constantly in awe of the way she always thinks of others before herself.

I was born premature and to continue supporting the cause to improve the health of mothers and babies, she raises money for charity each year during the March of Dimes walk, which she has walked in for 21 years! She took up distance running a few years ago, competing in half marathons, and has inspired many of her friends in our community to not only start running but also compete in races as well. I get such a kick seeing my mom run with her close friends! My mom has helped them to enjoy their life by simply being their cheerleader, giving them a smile and introducing them to a healthy passion.

She always says “nothing in life comes easy.” I strive to try my hardest and never give up. My mom motivates me to become a better person.

Nurturer. Coach. Confidant. Best friend. These are just a few of the many words that describe my amazing mom. I wish to be only half of what my mom is.

I encourage you all to show your support and nominate someone you know that is amazefest!


20 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (Getting It In Early)

  1. This is so sweet. Not only does your mom sounds like an amazing person, but she is seriously a babe. I would never guess she’s 5*!
    I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the same mom to Ryder and any other kids you guys have.

  2. What a lovely tribute to you Mom. Since I lost mine a few years I know I appreciate her more and wish I had shown more of it while she was still with us.

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