Prayers for Boston


I wish everyone touch and impacted by this senseless tragedy peace. My own local running community, lead by Big Peach Running Company, in a matter of hours organized a beautiful group run.

To honor the runners and spectators in Boston, we opened all BPRC store locations at 7:00 Tuesday morning for a “Mile Of Silence” group run/walk. Over 300 runners and walkers joined us at their neighborhood BPRC to show strength and solidarity as a community.

There was a great Jezebel feature that is also worth a read, that really put light on to this unimaginable event: The People Who Watch Marathons.

Every time I turn on the computer or TV it’s in my face and oddly enough I find that going for a run outside is the best medicine.

Boston Marathoners, the people of Boston, are in my thoughts and prayers.

11 responses to “Prayers for Boston

  1. You are right – going for a run is the best medicine. I am still in shock but will take your advice and get out there today to think of Boston.

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