Feetures Giveaway – Sock It To Me With A Burst of Color

I’ve come to the realization that I am a sock snob. Any avid runner will tell you that a good sock is worth the price tag; anything to prevent the dreaded blister.

photo (6)The fun folks from Feetures! sent over a few pairs. I adore the bright colors and design of the Feetures Elite. Apologies to my plain white socks piled in my drawer. Feetures socks are marked for your left and right foot (anatomically correct), because your feet are different. You wear two different shoes, don’t you? They were a bit tight when I put them on, but proved very comfy during my run.

We believe you deserve a sock specifically designed to maximize your performance. Feetures! makes the world’s best performance socks by combining cutting-edge innovation with a keen understanding of what makes a great performance sock. We know this because we rigorously test each product, and only produce products that we want to wear ourselves. Our promise is to deliver products that provide superior fit, feel and durability.


These stylish socks are form fitting and super-lightweight. I prefer a barefoot feel. They build socks for all types of runners. They’ve really found a way to complement all foot types. The Feetures! Elite makes my feet happy and the husband is starting to run with a Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve. It’s too early to really tell how much it’s helping, but he does say he notices a change in the pressure on his foot. You can even wear the sleeve when you’re not active to help with support, s-m-a-r-t.

photo (12)Have you tried any Feetures? Are you excited to try? While you’re at it, if you’d like a pair, Feetures! is giving away a pair of Feetures! Elite to TWO lucky readers.

Follow myself and Feetures on Twitter for a chance to win and tell me in the comments about your sock loyalty and how many different pairs of running socks you have! I’ll announce a winner next week.

34 responses to “Feetures Giveaway – Sock It To Me With A Burst of Color

  1. I follow you both on twitter and love my Feetures socks! Mine aren’t bright and fun though. Just white with pink. I haven’t tired the sleeve for the PF yet, but have seen it and really need to order it. I have a friend who suggested it as she says it seems to help her.

  2. I’m loyal to these Ultra Lite Feetures socks, insomuch, that I just bought 5 pairs last week! I also run in Thorlos, but Feetures is becoming my favorite! I probably have about 20 different pairs of running socks.

  3. I have a few pairs of running socks but no feetures socks. I would LOVE to try them as I have heard great things about feetures socks. I, too, am a running sock SNOB. LOL! I am following you and Feetures on Twitter now.

  4. I love my wicking running socks, I have lots of various brands but I’ve never even seen Feetures! I’d really like to try them out!

  5. Follow you both! These look great, and even though my sock drawer is overflowing, I never seem to have enough good running socks!

  6. Friend, will it work if I say both the baby and I need to win??? =) Do we get two entries then? Do we only get an entry if we follow on Twitter? I don’t doooo Twitter! Eek.

    My loyalty is with whatever socks fit well, and don’t have a seem across the toes! I actually have some Features, and they are one of my top 3 pairs for the long run!

  7. I have a few different pairs of running socks but def need some more. For some reason my feet wear ’em out quickly too.

  8. Hi, Everybody. Great thread. We saw that several of you value your Thorlos for running, and just wanted to put out the invitation that everybody is welcomed to call us (1.888.846.7567) if you ever have any questions about foot care for running. We would enjoy hearing from you.

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