Friday Five

1. I’M WATCHING: Splash. It makes the Real Housewives show looks like award winning TV stuff. E! News said they should call it Splatter. OK I didn’t really sit down for a full episode, but do you have to?


2. I’M READING: This woman is amazing. The 7 Things We Learned From Tina Fey’s Episode of Inside the Actors Studio.


3.I’M PINNING: Everything? Guys, this is getting out of hand. I made 4 Pinterest projects last weekend alone. The latest, enjoy the yummiest weekend breakfast idea that made me look like a real Martha in the kitchen. Mini Omelette Muffins.


4. I’M LISTENING TO: How cool was it that JT that us stream the 20/20 Experience before it came out? One of my faves, Don’t Hold The Wall. Misses to you Timbaland. It’s one that grows on you.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Ginger People. Don’t let the creepy Ginge on the box distract you. These things were awesome during my pregnancy to fight car sickness, and now they are a good snack to wake up the ol’ brain during the afternoon slump.


Is anyone actually getting spring weather? HELLO? Where are you warm sun?

17 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Well crap. I have picked up those ginger candies on three different occasions but still haven’t bought them. NEXT TIME I WILL!! I will report back. Happy Friday, girlfriend. Muah!

  2. I sure hope you didn’t choose to watch Splash over March Madness …!

    At least you actually make the things you pin! I can’t seem to get motivated to do much more than the bare minimum these days…

    We have been having beautiful weather lately, which also makes me bummed cuz it’s perfect running temp in the morning.

  3. I love those Ginger Chews! Definitely good stuff for any kind of nausea, and also quite delicious, even if I feel like they’re going to rip all of my molars out of my gums. No spring weather here yet- but at least Chicago didn’t get the blizzard that the rest of the state got!

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