Weekend Shenanigans & Interval Training

How lucky are we? We got all dressed up in green, St Patrick’s Day safety, and had an amazefest weekend. Hope you all did as well!


What better way to work off the weekend festivities than with interval training. I am all for the miles, I welcome my long runs, but reading more about High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and looking to get back into shape I knew what I needed to do. Run, short and fast. There is no better way to tone or increase your speed than by practicing HIIT with short burst of, well, simply busting your a**. And like Jessica says, change your pattern!
Since I don’t have a gym, I don’t have the luxury of hopping on the treadmill and having assistance monitoring my speed. My three tips for practicing HIIT outside of the gym:

1. Get a Garmin. Easiest way to know how fast and far you’re going.
2. Know your route and make milestone markers. I run a 5K path with bridges that I use to mark my intervals/bursts of speed.
3. Push yourself and your comfort zone. If your legs aren’t burning, you aren’t doing it right.

I have a Garmin but actually have been doing HIIT without it and feel great. Sprinting is a bit harder on the body and I suggest starting off with shorter sprints until you feel comfortable to do longer runs with speedwork.

Need more convincing to speed it up? Check out THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO INTERVAL TRAINING [INFOGRAPHIC].

How did you celebrate St Patty’s?

22 responses to “Weekend Shenanigans & Interval Training

  1. LOVE the family photo! You guys are way too cute.
    Thanks for this timely post! I have a lot of work to do to get in shape and ready for my IM in a mere 14 weeks. I’ve said I’m going to try and make my runs more valuable than just running for enjoyment. So, I’d like to add in one day of speedwork. I think HITT may be my answer. I need to get myself out of my comfort zone!

  2. Oh, look at you 3! Cute! I have been reading a lot about hiit but I’m so attached to longer and slower. Although I’ve been slacking on all of the above lately!

  3. I added some interval workouts on the treadmill this winter. It (almost) made running on the dreadmill bearable. I do think it’s helped build up strength for my running. I just bought a Garmin for spring training – so excited to start using it. p.s. – cute St. Patty’s pic!

  4. Three things -1) love the new look of the blog, 2) love that pic of you and your cute little family, LOVE and 3) love that you went after those intervals!!

  5. He is THE CUTEST babe. Love the family shot. It’s hard to concentrate on the words after you see a cute baby at the top 😉

  6. Ok, the most important question: how did you get the baby to look directly at the camera?? Haha 🙂 I can’t wait until it’s not 20 degrees in Chicago so I can get back to running outside!

  7. Interval training is the best but the worst (for me) at the same time. I feel so good after doing it but haaate the process. In the end it’s good for me though so I suck it up and do it :P. Glad you guys had an amazing St. Patrick’s Day! For the first time ever I celebrated in Ireland!

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