Unprocessing & Joining Oprah

Enjoying family and friends, the weekend was beautiful.


I’ve been spending the past few weeks unprocessing my life. I think we all can relate to getting caught up in the motions and feeling overwhelmed. Well blame spring fever but it’s time to clean up more than the closet.

It started in the kitchen, challenging myself to get rid of many processed foods. I replaced store bought granola bars with homemade healthier versions and have been whipping up many new recipes from pancakes to lasagna. This is probably my favorite challenge and one that turned out to be easier than I thought.

oprahchallengeAnd now I’m working with Oprah on her 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Perfect Health.

If I only had one gift to offer you, it would be STILLNESS…. What I know for sure: Being STILL at least once a day will enhance your life.

It’s your recharge, your breathing space, your chance to reconnect with you. So I’m delighted to invite you to join Deepak Chopra and me — in STILLNESS.

Deepak and I are teaming up for a new 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Perfect Health. We’ll be your personal guides. Do you want to be more focused? Energized? Successful? Calm? Powerful? Practice STILLNESS. From that space, your best work — your perfect health — and your best life arises.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday kicked off with making the commitment.

Embarking on a journey to perfect health involves forming new pathways to the brain. Examine what you currently believe and create fresh perceptions to live a more vibrant life.

I commit to living perfect health! OK, might not be perfect, but you have to make goals!

Anyone want to join in?

17 responses to “Unprocessing & Joining Oprah

  1. I have been working on this. Yesterday I got home from work and that’s when I usually go-go-go. Workout, laundry, dog for a walk, empty the dishwasher, ect. But yesterday I made the bold move to just SIT on my couch. Snuggle my pup. RELAX.
    It was awesome. An hour later when I got up to start my to-do list I just felt clearer and more focused.
    I also cleaned out my closet this past weekend. Made two huge piles: one to donate, one for a garage sale. I can stand to open my closet doors again and actually find stuff! That also makes me breathe easier!
    So yes! I am with you!

    • wow, that’s awesome! Too often we feel like if we aren’t going 100 miles an hour we aren’t doing anything.

      I am donating stuff too, feels SO good to go to a good new home.

  2. Great work on unprocessing!!! I think once you get used to it, everything will just become so easy and natural you won’t even think twice 🙂

    I think this Stillness Challenge is wonderful. I actually have been trying to get into being more mindful of my body and surroundings…this would be a perfect addition!

    BTW, your family looks so beautiful and happy! LOVE IT!

  3. Are you staying home indefinitely, or going back to work?

    My mission on maternity leave (because I will be returning to work) is going to be to hone my skills and efficiency, so that I can stick with weekly meal planning and prep, keeping the house up, getting my exercise in, and DUH, spending as much time with my bambino as possible.

    In that vein, why oh why do you have to wait so long to take them in the jogging stroller?! J/k! I know why, but, I know I am going to want to take him EVERYWHERE with me!

    • Right now I’m undecided which is a beautiful place to be:)

      It’s harder than you think to get everything in but you’re attitude is in the right place! And get a car seat adapter babies can go a lot sooner than you think:)

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