On My Mind

mondayAm I ready for a race next month?
I have never done this much laundry in my life.
Cannot wait for SNL with JT.
Reversible Wunder Unders are in fact wunderful.
Ryan Lochte’s Mom Retracts Statement about Her Son’s One-Night Stands, Is Officially a Terrible Wingman.
Monday, always a good day to detox.
Cooking up Bitchin Kitchen’s Garlic Roasted Brussel Sprouts.
Feetures give me happy feet.
Shape Magazine’s yoga tips for the best abs is much better than crunches!
These Nutella Brownies were OK. Oh, Pinterest you are addicting.

19 responses to “On My Mind

  1. JT on SNL will be amazing. I think he’s got great comedic timing from everything he’s done in the past 🙂
    It’s time for me to get posing with those yoga moves you linked!
    and yaaa..i think you’re ready to race 😉 😀

  2. Race?!?! Of course you are ready! I am ready for you (hey, I need to live through someone’s running ;)!) I have been looking for races this fall and it’s turning out to be more difficult that I imagined…UGH!

    I love Detox Mondays!!! I feel like that almost every week I think…not good. As long as we are living without regrets, it’s ok…right??? hahaha!

  3. Did you know JT will be on Jimmy Fallon for a week after SNL? BTW….If you haven’t heard his new album, it’s pretty amaze.

  4. Yes, yes, A BIG FAT YES!!! You are so ready to race. Just go into with no pressure, have fun. And I promise that you will still crush it 🙂
    I made a different Nutella Brownie recipe that I got off of Pinterest this week. It was baaaad how goood they were! Couldn’t stop cutting off slivers!

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