My Business Casual – Fitwear Etsy Spotlight Purusha

If you workout as much as we do, you often find yourself living in some of your favorite workout gear. lululemon is fancy enough to get me around town running errands. What can I say, I like to be comfortable. It’s great when you find brands that you can feel good in and look good! No more are the days of your mom’s sweats. Sorry, Kelly Kapowski.

I stumbled upon some fitness shops on Etsy and I hope to highlight a few of my faves in a regular post segment. What is better than having an original item? Think about shopping outside the big box brands.


Purusha People have some uber cute yogini friendly wear. I’m loving the mermaid II yoga leggings and kate’s avocado t-shirt.

Classic, fresh, funky designs.




Have you ever purchased fitness gear off Etsy?


24 responses to “My Business Casual – Fitwear Etsy Spotlight Purusha

  1. How cute are these clothes?! So very much so!
    Love those mermaid leggings too. There are a ton of cute t-shirts on her etsy site.
    I have yet to venture and buy workout clothes from there, but when I was planning my wedding I got a ton of stuff (from my jewelry to veil) from etsy. I will now be keeping my eye out for stuff of the workout variety. I love how you can get more unique pieces and not so much the cookie-cutter, everyone already owns this stuff.

  2. Nope, can’t say I’ve ever purchased fitness gear of Etsy. Actually, I haven’t purchased much of anything from there, but I really really really like the site. I guess my cheap ass just doesn’t purchase much from anywhere! ha

  3. You have a better workout experience when you are wearing comfortable clothes. It is a good idea to stock up on clothes that are soft, breathable, and controls moisture. I like the cute designs of the mermaid leggings and the Santa Monica hot pink and navy skinny yoga pants on the site.

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