Weekend Snaps

Full of walks, hikes, and runs, we had a good weekend here.

Today is meant to be soaked up–muddy running shoes…new babe smell…coffee shop stops…walks with the pup…doing something out of routine, mixing your weekly pattern around.












Those dresses, that fall. We are fresh off of the Oscars. Seth unfortunately didn’t blow me away, aside from the sock puppets, and I’d vote for Paul and Melissa to host next year. I’d like to thank the lovely folks at Special K for the Red Carpet party goodies. The Sweet & Salty Popcorn Chips went quick. I made the viewing party a family affair.


What kind of trouble did you get into this weekend?

19 responses to “Weekend Snaps

  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Those roses are beautiful. I love getting coffee from a coffee shop on the weekend. Just makes for a special treat. I went out to breakfast with friends on Sunday and that was a change of pace, but so much fun.

  2. Oh the big FALL! She handled it well though, very well. And….Channing Tatum dancing with Charlize….be still my heart! Hhahaha. I am not overly celebrity oriented, but something about sweet Channing and Jenna. Dang them. Just so cute, I can’t help but obsess.

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