Throw Back Thursday – Breakfast

If you’re going to start your day off right, your first meal can set the tone for your whole day. For me, there are breakfast staples that I simply can’t do without. If only I could make waffles every day:/

Coffee. I have a French press which I use daily, but I like to treat myself to “adult coffee” a few times a week and visit my favorite local coffee shop.

photo 2

Oatmeal. Overnight oats was a game changer to me. Something about taking an ingredient as simple as an oat and adding tons of goodies makes this a special treat because it’s your own concoction. You can have seasonal oats by adding in fruits, or sweet oats by adding in some nuts, honey and peanut butter.


Yogurt. Yogurt is another good basic staple to have on its own or topped with mixins of your choice. My new favorite thing – breaking my homemade granola bites into pieces and putting them in Chobani yogurt for breakfast. Amazefest.

Can we please talk about the delish new Chobani flavors? I received a little box of nothing but good, and they weren’t kidding. Lowfat Banana and 0% Pear are new on the shelves. I typically hate anything banana flavored, but the 2% is rich and creamy. I secretly want to make banana pudding with it. The pear is my vote for the fave of the two, the chunks are tasty.IMAG0365

What’s the best part of waking up for you? Do you have a breakfast fave?


16 responses to “Throw Back Thursday – Breakfast

  1. I can’t wait to try the new Chobani flavours. Sadly I will have to wait a few more months until I’m back in Canada as they aren’t in stores here in The Netherlands! I’m also a coffee drinker, but my go-to breakfast for years now has been a fruit smoothie made with vanilla yogurt!

  2. I just switched from oatmeal (which I have eaten every morning since I was like 6 months old!) to eggs with kale and green onion because I am doing the whole 30. I really miss the taste of oatmeal, but no joke, I haven’t gotten hungry before lunch with the eggs which is awesome.

  3. I am a huge oatmeal eater as well. I sprinkle some cinnamon and/or pumpkin pie spice in that bowl….and mmm, mmmm, good! I also really love tossing in blackberries before cooking, so they get really mushy and/or the juice leaks out into the rest of the oatmeal while cooking. Nuts are a must, and I usually add in some yogurt.

    I generally steer clear of yogurt because of the sugar (other than one scoop in my oatmeal, to make it parfait like). Instead, I eat cottage cheese! =) I LOVE cottage cheese, but I’ve had just a slight aversion since getting pregnant.

    Whats the best part of waking up in the morning? Honestly, just getting up. I love mornings! Start of a fresh, new day!

    • Yes, pumpkin pie spice is so good. Blackberries are my FAVE! My grandma makes homemade jam.

      I wish I could get over my aversion for cottage cheese, that’s why I go for greek yogurt.

  4. They say love makes the world go around, but no. I am pretty sure that is coffee. A day without it is complete torture in my opinion!

    I love to eat fruit for breakfast. It’s quick, easy, healthy, and filling. A perfect way to start they day!

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