Friday Five

February is marching right across my face.

1. I’M WATCHING: Homeland. I might be late to the party, but I showed up. Damn you Angela Chase.


2. I’M READING: About Pose Running Techniques. It’s uber important to run RIGHT. And we all know how hard it is to break a bad habit. Thanks for these tips, Abby!


3.I’M PINNING: I’m currently oddly obsessed with Valentine’s crafts and baking. Lookout Betty and Martha! These guilt-free Valentines cupcakes look great.


4. I’M LISTENING TO: Not a massive Bruno fan, but his new album is darn catchy. Young Wild Girls is one I’m jamming to as of late.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Pear Chobani. Get in my face. I cannot get enough of the new flavors. I get excited about breakfast again.


Here’s your something random, anyone try the Peanut Butter Toast Crunch cereal? And who else likes those little candy Valentine hearts? Pure insulin:)

18 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I’m up WAY too early for a Friday. Man!
    Checking out that running link as we speak.

    I think Bruno Mars has such a loooovely voice. “When I was your man” is such a beautiful, yet sad song!

  2. Somebody recently recommended Homeland to me. If you love it, too, I may just have to watch!
    Bruno’s album IS catchy! I’ve definitely downloaded some of his stuff to listen to on the plane!
    I love those Valentine’s hearts. I actually love almost all candy so rarely buy it, as Kelly doesn’t eat much since so many have gelatin in them.
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the three men in your life!

    • Yes, unfortunately I’m addicted. I fought as long as I could.

      You’ll need a few albums for your AWESOME trip!!

      My man hates candy, which means more for me – good and bad:)

      Happy vday to you too sweets!

  3. I may need to take a gander at that running book. Though, we have several around the house along with stretching books, triggerpoint books, injury prevention books…you get the point. Clearly it’s not working though.

  4. Is there really a guilt free cupcake???? I always shy away from pink things, because, while I love strawberries, I hate strawberry flavored stuff. I can NOT allow myself to get into one more show. Current crazy obsession: Shameless. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It is just outrageous!

  5. Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and i love it and the pictures of your new little one. Oh I have been thinking about getting the Pose book to read. I would love to know your thoughts on it and if it is worth it.

    • Another blogger, Abby, recommended it. I’ve been googling more and like the snippets. If you’re serious about working on your stride I def think anything is worth a go – good luck.

      Welcome:) yea!

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