Breathe It In

314873_10101889193088750_163575372_nFeel free to read this to the theme song “Back In The Saddle Again.”

Tuesday started off normal, got in a morning walk and time on the cycling trainer. By late afternoon with the warm afternoon temps, I started itching. Suddenly I knew, I had to go. I had to run.

It felt like running my first race, fresh, new, free. I haven’t been running like this in too long. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I left without my Garmin or music.

I went running. For as long as I felt like it. Which turned out to be a comfortable 3 – 4 miles.

It was torture being away from my passion, and that’s what makes it that much more rewarding now. I waited 6 weeks post c-sec, but hand to the sky, it magically happened to line up exactly 6 weeks after Ryder arrived. You’re suppose to wait 8, but again I listened to my body.

I encourage you all to get out there – move, cook, get crafty, do your passion. Look around you, don’t take your steps for granted. Many of you are deep in training plans or coming off a big race, and it’s easy to get caught up in the motions. Quit ticking those daily routine boxes. Stop and enjoy the beauty of your sport.

And this is only because Christina made me. Don’t encourage me!!


In short – soak in today, tomorrow and the next. GET MOVING!

30 responses to “Breathe It In

  1. The first run after being away for a time is always so ‘want to bottle it up’ magical. Even if it hurts, or is slower, or is not very long. So happy that you are back to your passion my friend.

    And can we please talk about that babe’s belly! SO. SO. CUTE!! Oh my. You have yourself a MAJOR cutie-pie.

  2. YAY! My first run after the blood clot felt that way – like I was just suddenly free. Though, there was nothing easy about it after the first 1/2 mile LOL. But that sense of freedom, air on your face, sun on your skin. Love.

  3. Woohoo!! So happy for you that you are back to running. Thanks for the great reminder that it’s perfectly okay to leave the music/watch behind and go for a run and just enjoy and take in your surroundings. I need to do this more. 🙂

  4. oh yeeeeeeess. I’m so happy for you! for listening to your body, and getting out there again. I can only imagine how that musta felt like.

    And, SO CUTE!!! Aw what a cutie!

  5. I love his little cheeks! I want to squeeze ’em. Oh and you are so right about stopping to breathe it all in. I think we all need to do that every once in a while – stop and see the beauty that is around us! I hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful girl!!

  6. I LOVE this. Running free, running with passion and joy — that’s what running should be about. I DIG IT — and man, runner’s high must’ve been unreal after all was said and done, huh?

  7. First order – share all the pics you want!! We lurve them. He is the cutest 🙂

    Second – I hope new moms read this, find this somehow, and bookmark. Listen to you, do your thing, enjoy every second of it. You’re amazing.

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