On My Mind


I wish I had more balls to share post-workout photos. This girl, that lady, this chick and that one, have no probs.
I truly believe now more than ever that sleep is the strongest factor in maintaining a balanced diet.
A walk, even a short one, in nature recharges your battery.
The 2013 tennis season is shaping up to be amazefest. Team Novak! And get em Sloane!
I bet y’all will want the recipe to my Sea Salt Carmel brownies.
Already thinking about Valentines Day.

23 responses to “On My Mind

  1. You pre-workout photos are adorable! I can’t bring myself to even take a take a post bike trainer photo, nonetheless post it!
    I hope your little man is letting you get some sleep! And, YES, that recipe should definitely be shared!

    • crap, those are post!? I waited 5 min so I wasn’t Strawberry Shortcake pink.

      Ryder is “sleeping through the night” giving me 4 hour chunks, which feel like 7. haha. stay warm!

      • OK, I’m even more impressed that those photos are post workout! You look incredible!
        That’s awesome he’s sleeping four hours at a time. That’s hilarious it feels like longer! Imagine when he really sleeps through the night!

  2. hahah thanks girl, but LOOK at you – I had to do a double-take and remember you are a NEW mom!! whoa!

    SO happy for Djokovic at the Aussie open!! so happy!

    I 10000% agree about sleep..when I don’t sleep or I’m incredibly tired, all I do is eat, eat, eat – in hopes of getting some energy from it?!

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