Post-Pregnancy Fitness Update

Warning – the bit below is “mom blog-esc.” Feel free to head over to Outside Magazine for a dose of something more entertaining if you wish.

Our little man Ryder is just over one month, and please don’t get me started on how quickly it has gone by.


I was incredibly lucky, fortunate, and blessed to workout literally right up until he was born. He was delivered via c-section, which had me worried because I kept hearing the recovery time was much worse than a natural birth. I was out of the hospital in under 48 hours; proof that healthy body and baby make ALL the difference. I wanted to share my story, with the caveat that every body is very different and what works for me is not for everyone, but I feel compelled to share the good news about the post-baby body you always hear people talk about.


IMG_0331Week 1 – 2: I listened to my body, not really the doctors, and started back on the cycling trainer at 2 1/2 weeks. Since leaving the hospital I walk daily. There is a fantastic park near my house that you can walk to, and easily do 1 – 2 miles without realizing it. The first days were not comfortable, but each day got better.

Week 3: I could almost jog, but again not comfy. Cycling was brilliant and I was back to my regular training, even pushing myself.

Week 4: Jogging is still difficult, so it’s a lot of walking and cycling for this lady. I’m doing push-ups, girly style, to help strengthen the core again.

Weighty Issue – Something I wanted to save until last because weight is not what’s important. I lost all my baby weight in 5 days. I gained 20 – 25 pounds, and Mr Baby was 7 pounds, 11 oz. Between breastfeeding and getting over a little cold the weight fell off. I was floored. It was the holidays and I was indulging, plus breastfeeding means you eat like a damn horse. I def lost a bit of muscle, and I am NOT bikini ready, areas need to be toned. I want to stress that if you stay semi-healthy and fit your body will be forgiving.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss running. I miss it every single day. When I’m out walking and pass a jogger it’s like a dog chasing after a car. This whole pregnancy and motherhood journey has been amazing, joyful and hard. Whatever it is, there is proof that the body is capable of some amazing things.

I want to thank everyone for listening to me ramble. You all have been such an amazing support system.

Now get out there and get a run in for me, will ya??

34 responses to “Post-Pregnancy Fitness Update

  1. Ryder is gorgeous! You were back to exercising very quickly, good for you! What a great lesson to not give up fitness during pregnancy. Running will come very soon for you!!

  2. What a cutie!
    Awesome job, working out right until Ryder made his entrance. It’s great that you paid attention to your body, and did what was right for you. I will store this in my memory bank for when it’s baby-time for me. 🙂

  3. 1.) that is one beautiful baby. Beautiful, beautiful.
    2.) motherhood suits you sooooooooo perfectly. You are GLOWING!
    3.) Love that you are listening to your body and taking things as they come. Clearly, being in shape before and during your pregnancy has really helped.
    4.) I’ve done nothing all day, but since you’re telling me to go run for you – I will, seriously. 😀

  4. Can your babe be any cuter?! I think not!
    So refreshing to read this post. I love that you are staying in-tune with your body and doing what works for you. I think that you will be reunited with your running shoes before you know it!
    Keep up the amazing work! You are an inspiration to all!

  5. He’s precious!!! And I definitely think that when you’re in great shape, that makes recovery so much better. My sister had to have c-section both times. The first pregnancy was high risk and they wouldn’t let her workout. Recover was much different the next time when she’d been able to workout the entire time.

  6. That tie shirt and button nose are perfection!
    Thanks so much for posting this! You are obviously a rock star, but I love the honesty. Glad to hear you’re cycling and taking the running thing in stride with how you feel.
    Seriously, I can only hope to be as fit as you once we have a baby.

    • Um, are you serious?! You’ll probably start a whole mama race series:)

      It’s tough to be honest, oddly enough, but it’s important to share the good and the bad.

  7. I am SO glad you shared this — really am. I love how fit you were able to stay during pregnancy and how your body was totally forgiving because you treated it with CARE throughout pregnancy. I dig that! What I also dig? That little peanut of yours, he is ADORABLE!!

  8. wow that is incredible!! you give me such hope for one day…I love that you worked out all the way till his birth and you gave your real honest story and were careful and listening to your body and doing what worked for you! THAT is the way to go! congrats again, you look fabulous and your son is adorable!

  9. Just make sure your down stairs is good to go – listening is key!! I think anyone that works out like you should lose the weight i would be so annoyed otherwise!!!

  10. LUCKY GIRL! I am REALLY hoping that since thus far, my pregnancy has tracked my mom’s with both myself and my little sister, that I’ll take after her in the “after” birth department too! She was back in skinny minny size 1’s within 1 week of delivery. I am extremely worried about not being able to run after though, and for how long, but, it is what it is, right?!

  11. What a baby face! So precious & sweet.

    It’s always refreshing to hear the *positive*, upbeat side of things straight from the source – I’m totally floored that you hopped back into it so soon, but it makes total sense that you were able to stay strong right until he joined the party, and were strong right after, too. Thanks for having an admirable push to take care of yourself, too, and reminding those of us yet to tackle this journey that it’s not all bedrest & discomfort 😉 xoxo

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