I’m No Foodie – New Recipe A Week

As of late, I’ve been trying my hand at something other than baking. I adore Betty Crocker and the Pillsbury Doughboy, but I needed to branch out into something other than the dessert category.

I am fortunate enough to be under the tutelage of my husband, an excellent cook. This past week we tried out recipes with ingredients that scare me. You know, recipes that look great but once you see chicken stock or curry paste you zone out and go with the standard fish and vegetable dinner routine.


We’ve whipped up two new dishes this week alone, Thai Green Curry Rice and Blue Cheese Risotto. I’ll spare you the foodie pics because they always turn out looking meh.

The Thai Curry recipe was adapted from Ty Florence’s Green Curry Chicken and a Blue Cheese Risotto recipe we found in one of our cookbooks.

The important points are that we cooked from scratch, the dishes were spectacular, and it turns out cooking with coconut milk is kind of fun.

Not to leave anyone out, I made the Pumpcakes Pumpkin Cupcakes as well. TOO easy not to.


I encourage you all to try a new recipe a week. You’ll surprise yourself, trust me.

If you have any of your fave recipes, send my way – I’m definitely game for trying new things out!

19 responses to “I’m No Foodie – New Recipe A Week

  1. I have been wanting to make risotto! It seems difficult though, but maybe I will gain confidence from your success. 🙂 I also love curry recipes. I am going to try to make pad Thai this week, something new to me!

  2. ooo good point! I don’t have any new recipes I’m trying this week but when I do, I’ll share them on my blog! I love pinterest for new recipe ideas (desserts are usually the most enticing though ha)

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