Make The Most of Cold Weather

I had this post started before the southeast dipped into a heatwave. The Hot Chocolate Run in Atlanta this past weekend was almost funny since it’s odd to drink cocoa in 65 degree weather.

Alas, many of the states are still enjoying “winter.” We’ve made it through the holidays and now it’s January. The first two months of the year are the worst. Long, cold, dark days and barely any holidays. March is when spring finally bites.

Before many of you start a rigorous, or casual, training regime take a few moments to enjoy this time of year.

MindBodyGreen is a wonderful site filled with tons of goodies on health and wellness. They have some ideas to help you kick the winter blues and put a warm spark back into your schedule.

10 Ways to Appreciate the Darkest Days of the Year

Hibernate. Just like animals, we need time to restore and recharge in preparation for the months ahead. Give yourself a break from the busy schedule to unwind and relax this winter.

Get creative. Vision boards and collages are an easy place to get started and offer a spiritual gateway into the things you wish to see, acquire or become. That law of attraction stuff really works!

Exercise indoors. Winter months can put a serious damper (no pun intended) on a running routine or biking schedule. Commit to an indoor activity like yoga, dance or cycling, all of which provide a full body workout, strength training and a mood-boosting endorphin high.

How to do keep alert and active during the winter months?

24 responses to “Make The Most of Cold Weather

  1. My bday and anniversary are in January so that helps get me through this month! I also really love to cross country ski and obviously winter is the only time for that, so I savor it. Love the idea of vision boards and collages, I would love to put something like that next to my treadmill 🙂

  2. It is definitely so challenging to keep the exercise streak going when the weather is just bad or uncomfortable out there!
    I take full advantage of my warm gym, indoors!

    • My mom is a exercise DVD queen. I’ve tried hers but my coordination is absolute crap. I commend you – it takes a lot of will power to make yourself use those videos to their fullest.

  3. I’ve become someone other than myself…as a runner, I’ve learned to embrace the cold weather runs. I almost look forward to them. I’ve also started doing more home DVD workouts and just got a trainer for the bike – hello home spin class 😉

  4. Here’s hoping that the heat rises and heads north! Dreary days here in DC…

    I’m finding that I actually do like hot yoga, just not when it’s hot OUT. So, for now? Totes in for the sweatfest and streching.

  5. That is funny to drink cocoa when it’s so warm out! I love the hibernate message. In winter, I like to take a few weeks to be lazier than normal and enjoy it. Then, I try to cross train and survive winter runs!

  6. I definitely need to get after some of that hibernation business – this January has been waaaay too busy! (although, lots of it is fun stuff, so I shouldn’t complain) I’ve definitely retired the outdoor workouts for the time being, though. It’s freakin’ COLD in Chicago now!

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