On My Mind


Happy New Year! Hope 2013 is as good to us as 2012.
I know loads of folks that went skiing over Christmas break – very jeal.
My iPhone has never had so many photos on it.
Creating a weekly recipe challenge for myself, deets to follow.
Dusting off my running shoes in under 2 glorious weeks, but walking counts for now.
Downton Abbey, how I’ve missed you!
Spring has got to be around the corner.
Saw Lincoln; give Daniel Day Lewis the Oscar and save us the 2-hour award show suspense.
Ready to break a good sweat.
Need more mind, body and spirit.
I can – but refuse – to start my day without coffee.

What’s on your mind?


32 responses to “On My Mind

  1. Enjoy gettin’ your sweat on. I got my money on my mind and my mind on my money… no, I’m actually just thinking about coffee.

  2. How’s little Ryder?! I bet he’s enjoying going out walking with you!
    While delaying leaving for work on a Monday, I’m thinking about vacations or staying home with the pup!
    Enjoy your walking for now- that two weeks will be here before you know it!

  3. YES on the Oscar for Daniel Day Lewis….he was beyond. Just Beyond!
    Downton last night….oh my! Loved. Just head over heels for this show. The one liners from the Countess, the amazing wardrobe, the drama, the romance….*sigh* Totally hooked!

    Enjoy your coffee and your sweat. Both essential things in life 🙂

  4. On my mind:
    I wish I could go to the gym right now but Hannah is sleeping upstairs GAH!
    I wish I DIDN”T have to drag her to the grocery store but we NEED to go!
    Coffee…mmm I think I’ll make some myself!

  5. LOVE this pic!!
    I miss the red cups already!
    I’m so excited for your return to running! 🙂
    My mom was just telling me that I need to start watching Downton Abbey, but I feel like I’m too far behind to get caught up…
    I could go without coffee too, but it’s too delicious not to enjoy every morning, it gets me out of bed, and into my running shoes 🙂
    I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  6. I know a ton of people who recently went on ski trips, too – what gives?? I’m actually trying to plan a trip in March. We’ll see how that goes. 😉 I also need to get Lincoln on my calendar!

  7. Gorgeous picture! Right now, I’m thinking about the run I’m going to squeeze in before the BCS Championship Game tonight. No preference who wins, but should be a good game. Hope all is well with you, your family and the baby!

  8. Oh how I miss coffee…I try to enjoy a cup or two of decaf once in a while, but what I would give to just be able to drink it like normal again! I stopped going to Starbucks altogether just because it took me 5 min. to order a dang cup with all my customizations!

    My mind is overflowing with baby thoughts. I hope motherhood is treating you well! You know I’ll be coming to you with my questions/concerns/worries…any mommy advice for that matter 😉

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