Fit Pregnancy – 9 Months Update

I was going to spoil you all with a holiday gift guide but a few kind folks have been lovely enough to ask how I’m doing. I promised y’all this would not turn into a mom blog (I mean no offense!). Here’s a quick update on my pregnancy, Baby M is due Christmas Day – as in Dec 25. I’m counting down to baby, my birthday and Christmas. Oh holy…

We are officially over the pre-term hurdle, bring on a healthy baby. When we went for our 36 week appointment RAM (his initials) was clocking in at 6.74 pounds. That’s a lot of baby thunder for 36 weeks, almost a pound more than average. The hus was proud; I am running out of womb room.

I realise the sign says 36, but we’re doing it every other week…
photo 2

How far into this thing? 37 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Define moo-moo. I refuse to buy anything else maternity. Thank you H&M for your fluffy, roomy sweaters.
Stretch marks? Nope. It seems like the 8th wonder of the world.
Best moment this week? Putting up a faux Christmas tree in Andy Jr’s room.
Miss anything? Knowing where my stomach stops. I run into everything, open doors on myself; it’s sad. I have no bump perception. Going places without a massive stare down would be great as well. I realize I’m a walking snow globe, thank you very much.
Movement? I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I don’t know how these things don’t just fall out.
Food cravings? Ginger. I don’t discriminate against breadmen or any other ginger pastries. Prince Harry counts too.
Belly Button in or out? In, and holding on for dear life from the looks of it.
Workouts? I’ll tell you once we have a healthy baby boy:)
Looking forward to? Finally being able to call someone and not have them freak out that I’m in labor. Family, friends, the first thing they say is, “OMG you scared me.” The hus has given me a code word to use for the big event.

Braxton Hicks started around 33 weeks, which forced me to pause the running. I went a little mental. I still cycled (lightly) and took our pup Indiana Jones on loads of walks. He’s loving this arrangement. Now that I am 37 weeks – being honest – I am more aggressive cycling and I even jogged for a bit. I must look like a total idiot. I am surprisingly comfortable exercising and can’t go a day without trying to get something in – I just feel better. I keep a super close eye on how I’m feeling and adjust my workouts daily.

To say I’m anxious is an understatement. I cannot stay busy enough. And if one more person tells me to “enjoy these last few weeks of just you and Andrew,” my head will pop off. You try to relax when you’re carrying a Christmas Goose, no longer sleeping and can’t put on a sock without looking ridiculous.

These last few weeks seem surreal and I’m doing my best to enjoy them, but we are definitely ready to finally meet our bundle.


Happy holidays! Thank you all for your amazing support along the way!

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31 responses to “Fit Pregnancy – 9 Months Update

  1. Thank you for this update; I’ve been thinking about you! You look insanely amazing! Although I laughed when I read it, I can see why you don’t have bump perception! It’s pretty far out there! I love that you’re still working out, too. It’s so inspiring!

  2. I love this post. Seriously! It’s so honest without being overly mushy. Plus, I like anything that makes me laugh. Ha… bump perception… ha… ginger jokes… 😀

  3. I agree with the ladies…this post makes me smile 🙂
    So happy that you are having a healthy, fit pregnancy! You look amazing (and I am having envy over your short, sassy hair!).
    You are in the homestretch lady! Praying for a speedy, safe delivery for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Hellooo Beautiful!!!

    I literally lol’d at the lack of bump navigation and belly button holding on being an “innie” for dear life.

    I always imagine that women in their 8th/9th month really must just be anxious to see their little one already!

  5. Ahhh!! You look so great. Also, there are these lemon something cupcakes baked in Cville that are apparently guaranteed to make you go into labor. You know where to find me if you’re in need. Im sure they will ship! 🙂

  6. YAY! Thanks for the update 🙂 It seems like I have been thinking of you everyday b/c you are due the same day as a friend of mine (seriously, for the both of you I hope it’s not a Christmas baby!)!!! I’m going to guess he’ll be joining us in this crazy world Dec. 18th, a week early.

    You are looking great and I am sure MORE than ready for little man. I hope I can continue to be as mobile as you at 36/37 weeks…seems like things are progressively slowing down on my end…:(

  7. You look SO AMAZING. We’re all very happy to hear you’re doing so well & looking so darn cute 😉 I can’t begin to imagine the anxiety that comes with surviving the last few weeks. Keep that head on!


  8. hahaha I love that picture! Someday your son will look back at the picture and hopefully laugh out loud too lol.

    Anyway, you sound just like me! I felt SO much better if I exercised almost every day. I mostly walked and did low impact aerobics after I was 37 plus weeks. The last week of my pregnancy though I was 41 weeks and I felt every inch of that belly. I too was BEYOND anxious to just be done with pregnancy and meet my baby girl (although it honestly was more about me not being preggo anymore) and people told me the same thing. I wanted to shoot them.
    HOWEVER, now that I look back…trust me. These people know what they are talking about!! The first two weeks are exciting but EXHAUSTING! It’s just a huge adjustment! So even if you can’t sleep…go get a massage, watch lots of movies, BE LAZY!! Once your little prince gets here….it’s GO time, ALL The time, on HIS time hahaha

    Looking great momma!

  9. You are so cute! I cannot believe you are due so soon, that feels like it flew by, for me anyway hehe. I bet you are SO ready. and What fun would it be to have a christmas baby?!

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