18 Rabbits & Reasons to Love Granola & Giveaway

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a granola kick. Granola bars have always been a staple in my pantry for anytime of the day. But no two granola bars are made the same. You’ve seen the ones that are practically mini candy bars, high in fat and sugar. If you’re looking for a good option that won’t break your calorie bank, you should take a closer look at how your favorite bars stack up nutritionally. I’ll give a big yuck to high fructose corn syrup or impossible to pronounce ingredients. And I’m not looking for a snack that has me hungry 15 minutes after I’m done eating it.

The kind folks over at 18 Rabbits sent me a nomnom package of their amazefest granola bars to try out. Not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or just love kid’s snacks, but they also sent over a few of their Bunny Bars.

photo 1

18 Rabbits mission -> Bring food back to its roots through simple authentic granola & bars.

Survey says: The Haute Diggity Date and Funky Figs & Cherries were my absolute favorite. 18 Rabbits granola bars have a different texture to them. The mixture of the fruit and nuts is perfect, and I’ve yet to meet a nut I don’t like. The taste was simple, fresh and un-processed.

The Deedee Dot Cherry Apricot Bunny Bar was packed with tart flavor. The Bunny Bars have a lighter taste to them. I enjoyed these more in the mornings or late in the day if I wasn’t planning a big workout.

18 Rabbits is also very transparent about their organic nutrients and ingredients. I appreciate their honesty! They clearly list their nutrition labels on their packaging and website.


These Haute Granola & Bars have my vote for a good all-around snack, unless you are looking for a late evening snack. I have never been a fan of eating something with this type of energy/good fat ingredients before going to bed.

With all these rabbits, not to worry, you can get your hands on a tasty sample! 18 Rabbits has generously offered to give ONE lucky reader a goodie pack.

To enter 18 Rabbits Granola Bar Giveaway, simply:

Tell me why you enjoy granola bars. For….
a. a quick breakfast on-the-go
b. that 3PM afternoon drag
c. before/after a workout or other fitness activity
d. ___ (fill in the blank)

And it doesn’t hurt your chances to tweet about this giveaway and tell me what 18 Rabbits flavor you want to try!


44 responses to “18 Rabbits & Reasons to Love Granola & Giveaway

  1. a. a quick breakfast on-the-go
    Granola bars are health snacks.
    I like granola bars because there are fruit and nuts .
    I have not heard 18 Rabbits granola bars,
    I would like to try it.
    Thank you for excellent giveaway.

  2. I enjoy granola bars for any reason…breakfast, snack, pre-workout fuel…they are so convenient too! But, like you stated, some are made better than others. I always look at the ingredients!

  3. I enjoy granola bars for a pick me up at any time during the day. They are easy to grab on the run and they taste great, though I do agree you have to double check the ingredients list!!

  4. Those look and sound awesome! I love granola for (C) a quick snack before or after a workout. Or, anytime I’m feeling snacky!
    How are you feeling??? I say we need one more belly shot before it’s gone!

  5. OOOO! I like having granola bars around for that 3pm pick me up or just for some extra calories to keep up with my nursing needs! I would LOVE to try and sample these!!

    Hope you are doing well my dear! Pregnancy update in the near future? I will be tweeting about this giveaway 😉 and the funky figs and cherry bar sounds delightful! I love me some cherries!!

    ps. I am poor since quitting my job, I could use the hand out 😉

  6. I’ve never hear of this brand – thanks for sharing! I’m always on the lookout for a good granola brand that doesn’t taste too processed or sugary. I love granola bars as a snack before a workout because they are quick, portable and keep me full without weighing me down.

  7. Always looking for a new granola bar and these sound great. They are my go-to mid-morning snack when I’m running around at work and don’t have time to sit down for anything else!

  8. Granola bars are the perfect 3pm snack to boost energy levels and stay productive. It also motivates me for my after-work workout!

  9. All are good reasons but I like the portability the most. I have one in my bag and I don’t need to worry about it being crushed.

  10. I usually go for the 3 pm slump. I don’t know if Haute Diggity Date would be my favorite or not, but I already know I like it from the title. 🙂

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  12. I’m usually a granola for breakfast kinda gal, but it seems like anything crunchy and dry doesn’t get too far from my reach these days! This all sounds so delicious…with a lil cup o’ Chobani, I would be in heaven!

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