Friday Five

1. I’M WATCHING: World Cup Skiing! The American team is in the Birds of Prey competition at Beaver Creek. Ted Ligety is my man! Ugh, makes me want to go skiing.


2. I’M READING: Outside Magazine always has trusted gear reviews, and it seems the Brooks PureDrift is going to be one to watch for in 2013.


Minimalist running shoes aren’t for everyone, but Brooks’ new PureDrift is a transitional shoe with a minimalist option that’s great for the barefoot-curious as well as runners exploring a shoe with a little more road feel.

3.I’M PINNING: Etsy has been a great go-to for me and I have found some unique gifts for friends and fam. Now I’m looking through Pinterest boards for Gift Guides. The Madewell Gift Guide is gorge, but it’s $$. Damn.


4. I’M LISTENING TO: Imagine Dragons. I thought I’d spare you my holiday music selection…for now.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Gingerbread cookies. My friend made homemade cookies over the weekend and my gawd were they amazefest. I’m searching for the perfect recipe.


Holiday overload has begun! Anyone doing anything festive this weekend?


25 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I just bought those colourful Christmas cookies yesterday 😀

    Two things I constantly love seeing pictures of (the different designs and so on) : Cupcakes and SHOES! Those are cute.

    Have a lovely Friday 🙂

  2. I am currently running in a pair of Brooks PureCadence, so those yellow beauties would be perfect. I am looking to making the next step into barefoot running, so that might be the way to go. Plus, I’ve enjoyed the feel of my Brooks, so why shift brands if I don’t have to? Thanks for the insight.

  3. I love Etsy!! There always seems to be something there that I can’t resist buying for myself 😉 I should really start browsing to see if I can find something special for the hubs.

    Reading gingerbread cookies made my mouth water! I have never made them before but really want to try this year. If you find a good recipe, let me know!!!

    • Men are hard to shop for on Etsy, for me at least. I can find loads of goodies for my gal pals and granny:)

      I’ll definitely try to sort out an EASY gingerbread man recipe!

  4. Can you imagine people’s shock if they saw a pregnant woman skiing?! Thanks for the gift guide link, I’m in desperate need of ideas!
    I LoVE Imagine Dragons. And now I wish I had some gingerbread to eat!
    I hope to decorate our house this weekend, but we’ll see if I actually accomplish it! Have a great Friday!

  5. yuck gingerbread! haha Not really doing anything festive this weekend, just trying to get our floor done (putting in a new floor) before christmas so we can entertain! how is the pregnancy going?!

    • Really?! No! I thought you’d like gingerbread. You have some gingerbread house building in your future.

      Pregnant home-stretch – which I have no patience for, lol:)

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  7. Those snowflake cookies are so cute! I’m on the Pinterest-search for good holiday potluck recipes – apps, entrees, etc to please the masses 😉

    Sad to confess that I had no idea the World Cup skiing was going on (in our defense, we don’t have cable)! Bad-asses, fo sho.

  8. I work at a specialty running store and we just got the new Brooks Pure line in. The upper is seamless (which I LOVE) and the tongue is half attached (not sure how I feel about that). But my overall impression is that they are much more comfortable than the first version of Pures!

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