Thanksgiving Day A Week Away

Thanksgiving is a week away (seriously?). If you’re like the millions of other Americans, you are planning to travel and spend the holiday with family and loved ones. To stay healthy over the holiday, here are a few tips for you turkeys:

– BYOB. Hustle and bustle might have you forgetting to do something basic like drinking enough water. Bring a bottle of water with you and make sure you’re staying hydrated. A big key to fighting off those nasty travel germs. I love my Nalgene.

– Give it a rest! Trying to keep up with your normal routine might end up causing more stress. It’s the holidays, so give yourself a break and enjoy some downtime.

– Pack your snacks. My mom loves to feed people. To make sure I’m not completing blowing my healthy lifestyle I ask her to buy a few of my healthy staples. It’s ok to bring your own faves or offer to go grocery shopping for the host.

Remember to enjoy the holiday!

Anyone planning to travel? Or have you decided to take on a local Turkey Trot?

15 responses to “Thanksgiving Day A Week Away

  1. Love the BYOB! I’m always parched after thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Too much food and not enough water filling me up beforehand!
    Do you travel for the holiday? If so, be safe!

  2. I will be at Disney World, so basically eating healthy is not going to happen. I do plan to run in some fun and scenic places, so the week won’t be a total wash. I also plan to take advantage of my resorts exercise facilities. I am excited though. I haven’t been on vacation in years! Stay safe all!

  3. Love the water bottle tip! Would’ve never thought of that..we’re heading to his grandparent’s house in NC and that will keep me from having to awkwardly search the kitchen for a glass 😉 (it’s the little things…)

  4. Hi I just found your blog through healthylivingblogs. I live in Atlanta so I am running the Thanksgiving day half. I usually cheer runners on for this race but this year I decided to run it. So excited!

  5. I am definitely all about enjoying the holiday! My hubby is especially guilty of feeling like he has to get SO much done when he has a long weekend. My thoughts? Enjoy yourself! You work hard all week! Hope you have a happy holiday lady!

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