November Goals to Be Thankful For

This time last year I was a few days into my November 21 Day Challenge to run 5 miles a day. This year, ummm, things are a bit different.

November is an easy time to get stuck in a rut and I certainly am looking for “something else.” Sure there are Turkey Trots but I am in search of something besides a race.

The hus actually recommended a motivating idea we started this week. On Sunday night we wrote down a list of challenges for the week. Everything from personal bits like, “Pay house insurance,” to fitness goals such as, “500 sit-ups a day.” (obviously not my goal.) This list is stuck on our fridge.

I like where this is going but I am absolutely itching for a schedule of some sort.

FitSugar Make It A No-Excuses November has a few great ideas to inspire, including:

* Upgrade Your At-Home Gym
* Register For a Race
* Set Goals With a Friend
* Nix Fitness Boredom Before It Starts

Big fan of the tips.

Help me un-rut myself. If you have any November plans I am all ears!


14 responses to “November Goals to Be Thankful For

  1. Plans for November…gosh I wish I had some! My biggest goal would be to get my little one to nap longer than 20 minutes! ha Last year it would have been cut back on sugar…while I still want that as my goal, I want her to nap longer MORE! ha

  2. I love your husband’s idea!
    I also wish I had November plans/goals to get me out of the non-running funk! Maybe to try a new workout once a week?
    How’s your cycling coming along? I think it’s amazing your still crazy active!

    • There really is something to good ol’ pen and paper. You just came off some serious training and are itching for more, love your passion! New workout once a week I bet would be harder than you think.

      Love, love, love my cycling! Although working out to Keeping up With The Kardashians is not a good mental workout.

  3. I’m going to check out that fitsugar link, but I already have a couple things on my plate. I am doing a new workout plan this week, which I plan to continue through Nov. I’m also trying to get into running 3 days per week. I want to run another half in the spring, so times or distances don’t matter yet – just running.

  4. Such a great idea! Small goals can yeild big results – I am a firm believer in this.
    My Nov. goals include hitting the trails as much as possible with my pup, before they are too snow covered.

  5. I say try something new!! Any classes you’ve had your eye on? Anything you haven’t had your eye on and want to give a shot anyways? You might fall in love with something new!

  6. I agree about taking a new class. I’m looking to try a new type of yoga class at the studio I go to. In terms of running, I’m giving up training for races (for now) and focuses on different treadmill workouts such as intervals. I’ve grown to despise running on the treadmill, but routines that change up a lot throughout the workout make it bearable.

  7. Yes, yes, yes on all the suggestions of taking a new class! I love the energy in a class. The people and instructors are great. And also, even if I want to quit, if I’m bored, or just not in the mood – I will NEVER leave a class before it’s I’m forced to hang around 😀

    I hope you do find something you end up loving though!

  8. Love this! Definitely try something new!! I have been wanting to take a hot yoga class…and the PiYo (pilates/yoga fusion) class at my gym!!

    I think I am going to do something non-related to fitness for November…my job sent out a great list of ways to give thanks like, creating a thankful list, write thank you cards to special people in your life, or just saying ‘thank you’ to yourself by pampering yourself and doing something for you 🙂

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