Monday Motivation – Marathon Style

Following the weekend headlines, it’s been rough for New Yorkers and New York City Marathon hopefuls. The city faced a tough decision on cancelling the New York City Marathon. I am sure many of you feel it absolutely should have been done and I am sure there are those out there that thought otherwise.

Regardless of opinion, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the stories that came out over the weekend. Even before the marathon was cancelled, a group of runners created NYC Marathon of Relief Effort (MORE). Instead of running the race, they organized relief efforts on the day of the race.

A marathon is not about winning. It is about finding something inside you you never knew you had and inspiring others to do the same.

The Facebook group Run Anyway New York City Marathon was also created to show support for the runners:

In respect to those in need, canceling the NYC marathon was the right move. But for those of us who are running for causes or for others, we should finish what we started. We will do it like the old days where we run the necessary amount of times around Central Park to complete 26.2 miles. It’s totally understandable for you if you would like not to participate but for some of us, we need to complete our obligation.

As part of the unofficial marathon, runners completed 26.2 miles by doing four laps around Central Park — the same route used in the very first NYC.

I am motivated by the passion displayed by the residents of New York and the running enthusiasts that came from all over. Hard times often show some of the best displays of American pride and support for our people. Volunteers, donations and more came pouring in and I truly hope the momentum continues as the city will need all the help it can get.

Check out Scott over at irunner, as a New Yorker and runner enthusiast signed up for Sunday’s race, his perspective was great to read.

What were your thoughts about the race cancellation? Do the runner’s efforts motivate you to aid or help out?

11 responses to “Monday Motivation – Marathon Style

  1. I’m going to be checking out Scott’s blog – thanks for that!
    I have also really enjoyed seeing people and runners turn the situation into something positive – all the different type of support and relief runs and volunteering is really inspiring. I was one that did really understand both sides about this NYC marathon.

    That quote about a marathon is not about winning sums up EVERYTHING I think when it comes to. 🙂

  2. Tough call, but I think the cancellation was the right move. My heart hurts for the runners, but even more for the city who is still trying to put the pieces back together. I had no idea that the Central Park laps were the first NYCM course! I found it amazing it follow the photos of runners pulling together yesterday both to get in some miles and put some work into the city’s relief efforts. Bravo, peeps!

  3. Thanks for sharing – I had no idea that these runners ran the unofficial marathon around Central Park. How cool. I feel bad for the runners who trained so hard for this event, but my heart swells when I hear about all the selfless and good acts that came out of the cancellation.

    • Me either:) I would be beyond frustrated from a runner’s perspective but you can’t be a bad sport about it. I truly hope NYC continues to receive the donations it needs.

  4. I love that runners volunteered and donated time and money. And, I think it’s cool lots ran an unofficial marathon!
    I just think it was poor timing to say the race would go on and then cancel it once most runners had made their way into the city. Especially when the majority had no idea of the extent of the damage.

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