Halloween Eve

Who’s ready for HALLOWEEN!! It’s Halloween Eve; I’m exactly 8 months prego today — it’s a big day around here.

I spent the weekend buying candy for the kiddies and running a ridiculous amount of errands. We’ve been nursing a broken thumb/fractured right hand my crazy adventurous husband suffered while mountain biking last weekend. It’s awful. Let’s hope Mr Baby sticks to his December due date or we’re going to be in serious trouble with diaper duty. Oh, boys.

I’ve been gym free for a few weeks now and I’m maintaining! I won’t let the cold, dark get me down. The best news is that our CycleOps Power Magneto trainer arrived over the weekend. Sounds like a superhero, huh? Nothing like a very pregnant lady and a man with one good hand trying to put together a trainer.

I’ve popped up like a spring chicken this week to cycle before work. I host my own spin class and it’s fantastic. Haha. And yesterday ladies, sports bra only. I would have paid someone to have taken that glorious picture. Yikes.

It’s a smooth ride, but definitely a bit loud. Sounds like a washing machine stuck in cycle. Overall, I absolutely love it. Can you hear me CycleOps?! It’s the holiday season and if they’re feeling generous, I’ll take a training mat. Wink Wink.

It’s a nice addition to my pilates and “jogging” I am taking up.

Shameless plug here, but if you wouldn’t mind heading over to For Two Fitness I had the opportunity to do a guest post on their blog: A Runner’s Pregnancy Fitness Tips.

Who’s dressing up for Halloween?! I want to hear what you’re going to be!

21 responses to “Halloween Eve

  1. You are one motivated lady! I dressed up on Saturday- you’ll see on my blog tonight what I was. 😉 I was pretty proud of myself. Also, I’m glad that I don’t get trick or treaters because I can’t be trusted around full bags of Halloween candy!

  2. Loved your article on For Two Fitness! Hoping to one day soon tap into some of those tips 🙂

    As for dressing up, I have a party this Friday and STILL NO IDEA on what to be…procrastination at its finest.

  3. Woohoo- I can’t believe you’re eight months already!! And that your husband’s hand is broken! Yikes- lets hope the babe stays put for the time being.
    That’s awesome about the trainer and crazy you’re eight months and cycling before work! I can only hope to be that active when I’m pregnant.
    No dressing up for me, but I can’t wait to see the kids’ costumes tomorrow night!

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