Friday Five – Halloween Style

Mwhahaha it’s Halloween! I love getting together with the neighbors and passing out candy to the kids. We drink, they get candy – everybody wins. Carving our pumpkin this weekend, we’re late due to some traveling, but ready to bake those seeds! And I’m so dressing up for work. I promise to share the pumpkin and costume pics if they turn out good.

1. I’M WATCHING: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It’s never as good as I remember as a kid, but it’s not the holidays until Charlie Brown comes on. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror have also been a staple in my house – the early ones.

2. I’M READING: Does a pink wedding dress count as scary? People Magazine’s exclusive Justin and Jessica wedding coverage. To the woman who stole many a girl’s dream man, could you NOT have worn pink?! What was up with that?

3.I’M PINNING: Pumpkin Pie Bites. You might already be seasonally sick of hearing about pumpkin, but not moi. I actually made these pumpkin pie bites for Thanksgiving last year. HUGE hit. I plop some whip cream on the tops before serving.

4. I’M LISTENING TO: Spooky sounds. How about some Ghostbusters to put you in the spirit. Warning – there is LOADS of awesome in this 80s video.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Candy corn. Rhubarb. I tried it for the first time this weekend at a restaurant. Sad, right? Rhubarb Crumble was out of this world! I don’t think I would have known a rhubarb if it had hit me in the face. It’s seasonal, and can be both sweet and savory.

Do you pass out candy to your trick-or-treaters? Dress up for work?!


16 responses to “Friday Five – Halloween Style

  1. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin bites. Now I’m pinning that too, and hopefully I’ll actually make them.

    I do give out candy to the trick-or-treaters, which means I need to pick some up this weekend. I always wait until the last minute to buy it.

  2. I have the Charlie Brown special set to record next Wednesday! Yay! Ew. I do not love the pink dress. I’ve never had rhubarb…well as an adult. I think my great grandfather used to make me try it bc he grew it in his garden. I should try some! 🙂 Happy Friday my dear! XO

  3. PINK dress?? For breast Cancer awareness month….maybe? That’s a stretch, but ya never know.

    Anywhooo – those pumpkin-pie bites might just be one of the cutest pumpkin things I’ve seen yet. Do those ship well across the pond? 😉

  4. I so want to make those pumpkin bites, but I KNOW that it could be dangerous! I don’t think that I would be able to stop popping those babies in my mouth! YUM!

    I am actually really excited to pass out candy in my new neighborhood. I was walking my dog a few days ago and ran into my 4 year old neighbor who was walking her dog with her dad. I asked what she was going to be for Halloween and she said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I DIE! Can’t wait to see all the cute kiddoes!

  5. I’m shocked you’ve never tried rhubarb! And a little disappointed in the pink dress, too. She has such an amazing figure and has got such style; i was expecting something different.
    Definitely post the pumpkin and costume photos!
    I LOVE handing out candy. Some of the costumes absolutely kill me! Can you believe that next year you’ll be dressing up your babe?!

    • Did you see her bridesmaids, omgahh. Ugh. She put them in curtains.

      You need to have kids…you’d make an ahmazing mother. Already thinking about things before me, lol.

  6. Yeah, I wasn’t on board with that pink dress, either. Apparently Reese Witherspoon wore a pink dress, too, so now you KNOW that’s going to blow up into a bridal trend. I just don’t understand it…there aren’t a whole lot of days that you can pull off wearing a big white dress – why would you pass it up?

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