Oh, So Amazing: Oakley Radara Sunglasses Edge Review

I am a bit of a sunglasses whore snob. They complement so many outfits and I don’t mind splurging because when it comes to frames, you get what you pay for.

I’ve been running and hiking in an old pair of my hubs REI Pepper sunglasses. They’re nice, but they don’t fit right and I kind of look like a dude. I recently received the Oakley The Radara Edge from the Sunglasses Shop and I am finally seeing straight.

My biggest concern when running or doing sports in sunglasses is finding a pair that doesn’t get in the way of my activity. Too often sunglasses bother me and I end up spending half my time adjusting them on my face.

The Oakley The Radara Edge (in shortcake) are in short, amazeballs. Oakley makes some sharp glasses, noticed a few pair on athletes during the Olympics and in The Tour de France, and they truly live up to their hype.

Stellar performance, streamlined design: Oakley Radar Edge gives athletes an extra edge over the competition. The latest addition to our popular toric shield series has a more rounded frame for even better coverage. With a simple silhouette and vibrant color palette Oakley Radar Edge is as beautiful as it is hard working.

Designed to keep the pace, Oakley Radar Edge has a stress-resistant O Matter™ frame that is super lightweight and a Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment. They’re also available with interchangeable lenses to optimise performance in any environment and for customisable nosepads for secure fit.

I hate pictures of me working out, so consider yourselves lucky…

The sunglasses sat comfortably on my face, you honestly don’t even feel them on you – sounds cliché but they were uber light. My eyelashes don’t bat against the lenses and the noise piece stays put when sweaty. They are polarized, an absolute must for sport lenses in my opinion. Bonus, I still look feminine as well! You do want to look stylish, come on…

The Sunglass Shop is loaded with goodies, and it is almost the gift giving season! Plus they always seem to do special promos and deals.

What’s your fave pair of glasses to wear everyday or when you’re out and about?

21 responses to “Oh, So Amazing: Oakley Radara Sunglasses Edge Review

  1. Do you know if these are shatter proof? Thats a big concern for me, but I can’t find good sunglasses that are polarized and shatter proof.

    • Great q! They don’t come right out and say it, as many sunglasses just can’t make that guarantee – Oakley Radar Edge has you covered: impact resistance that meets standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact. Also has a stress-resistant O Matter frame that is super lightweight and a Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment.

  2. I rarely workout outside but when I do it’s usually for a walk or when the sun isn’t so bright so I just use cheapy frames. But I agree, if you are running hard core with them…you need a quality pair! Totally worth the investment. For me, I lose and break them so often that it’s not worth it. When I was in Vegas I saw a pair I LOVED for $1000…I wanted them so bad haha now that would be a splurge!

    • My mom is notorious for losing and breaking. I’ve done really well, only broken one expensive pair, it was a good tailgate, lol.

      $1000?! Those better help me run better too, haha.

  3. I have a pair of polarized Eddie Bauer shades that I love for everyday wear, but I don’t have any exercises glasses. Perhaps I should look into that…

  4. I have to give a shout out to SunglassesShop as they have hooked me up with some great gear, great site for buying glasses. Can’t go anywhere without my RayBan’s. While running I still rock my white pair of Ryders.

  5. I just got a pair from them too, and LOVE them! 🙂 Ps.. i’m back! 🙂 (This is Jen formally of Shesafitchick)! Hope all has been well with you!

  6. Love the shades!! I am too cheap to by myself a good pair…I always end up scratching the crap out of the lenses or leaving them who knows where! I have tried getting used to wearing them running, but they just seem to get in the way mroe than help (especially when the sweating starts!) so I just stick to the hats 🙂

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