Motivation Monday

I want to say a very sincere thank you to ALL of you. Y’all are simply amazing folks. You have been such a support system for me lately. From listening to me bore you with baby stuff to your awesome ideas for kicking the gym pass. It means a lot to be surrounded by such outstanding people. High five to you!

Now to get your week kicked off right – Nike has me pumped up! We all know this time of year the weather is a cold hot mess. You never know what you’re in for. Well Nike is here to keep you engaged with Run The Elements:

When nature dares you to run, there is only one question: How far?
Tear up the weather and the global leaderboards.
Play Run The Elements with Nike Running

Rule the road in any climate? Prove it. Share your Nike+ runs and hashtag the weather you’re braving to run the #RAIN, #WIND, #SNOW, #COLD and #HEAT leaderboards.

It’s super motivating to see what other people are up to. And if you’re like me, this can spark some healthy competition for you.

Are you letting this weather stop you? What’s your one seasonal survival tip?

11 responses to “Motivation Monday

  1. I heart running in the cold weather! It is a big sigh of relief for me to have it cool down since it’s crazy hot and humid in TX all summer long. Bring on the gloves and earwarmers, baby! Oh and that 1st pic is hilarious. Love.

  2. Baaaahahaha – that long haired fellow cracks me up! Giggle.

    As for the weather, I still run outside sometimes, but I’ve moved most runs indoors.

  3. Coming from a non-mom, your baby updates are not boring!! I’m going to have to check Nike’s site out!
    It’s been below freezing here now, but I run outside all year round, even with insane windchills and temps of -40. The key is layer, layer, layer!

  4. Seasonal survival ATTITUDE is the only way I get through. Well, that and the fact that we were insanely spoiled with a very mild winter last year in the District (ahem, East Coast up & down)! Seriously though, I haven’t been to a traditional “gym” since early 2009), and rely on yoga studios + braving the elements on-the-run. I’ve stocked up on the best gear around, thanks to the lulu-peeps, so I really have no reason not to go out….

  5. Running in the crappy elements is a necessary evil since you have no control what will happen with the weather on race day. I try to stay positive and dress appropriately. If race day arrives and it is windy, cold, hot, rainy then I know my training will help me through any elements thrown my way.

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