Core Power Giveaway

As I trained for my race this past weekend, even though it was a short distance, I still focused on doing it right. Including fueling properly before AND after. I certainly can be lazy about the recovery period.

Most of us know that right after a race or hard workout, you have roughly 30 minutes to try to recover. This “window of opportunity” is when your muscles are most receptive to refueling and replenishing energy stores.

According toTraining & Conditioning: Research has found that in the approximately 30 minutes after intense exercise, the body optimizes its ability to replenish energy stores–particularly muscle and liver glycogen. This is also a critical time because the body instigates muscle protein synthesis for muscle tissue recovery and repair, replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat, and adapts to the stresses encountered in the workout.

And now you know:) Core Power was kind enough to send some samples of their recovery drinks. I hesitate to call this a protein shake, because many of us think shakes are for hardcore athletes.

Core Power is a natural high protein muscle recovery drink for every type of fitness enthusiast. 

Boasting a simple, easy to understand ingredient list, this new shake is made for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and active individuals.

Core Power helps the body recover post-work out. The milk contributes to muscle development while the natural carbohydrates of honey provide the energy to rebuild muscle and glycogen stores. Consumption of carbs with protein after a workout optimizes muscle recovery and growth.

What I liked most about Core Power was that it wasn’t chalky! Even the hus was impressed at the taste. They also have a “light” version which is smart because I am definitely label conscious. I tried the Vanilla and Strawberry Banana, both were delish.

I am a fan of old-fashioned chocolate milk for recovery, but Core Power is a great go-to.

BONUS! The kind people from Core Power would like to give one lucky reader a chance to sample their yummy flavors. To enter for your chance to win a Core Power Pack simply tell me what you like to do after a hard workout or race? Be sure to follow Core Power on Twitter or like them on Facebook as well.

I’ll announce the winner early next week:)

21 responses to “Core Power Giveaway

  1. After long runs I usually drink an Ensure in order to get some quick calories into my system for recovery. I have never tried Core Power but I would LOVE to try it! Hopefully there isn’t too much sugar!

  2. Thanks for the sweet encouragement about Chicago!!
    after a hard workout or race I like to drink tons of water and swim in the pool to stretch out. then eat a recovery meal or drink a shake! It always takes my stomach a little while to be able to handle food so I usually go for shakes!
    I hope you’ve been having a great week!

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