Race Week

Hope everyone’s weekend was aces! Beautiful cooler weather made me a happy lady.

Race week is here! My “big race” has finally arrived. I told y’all I would be doing a 15K, but 6 1/2 months of pregnancy has forced me to do the shorter 5k loop. I am definitely bummed. I feel like I could physically do the 15k, but not well. Plus a belly full of Gatorade and Gu sounds absolutely unappealing. Heartburn at the thought of it. Since the race isn’t close to my Dr I don’t feel like taking any chances.

I’m taking on the 5k with a big smile – I know I can run it well and still somewhat “race.” Will it be a PR? Heck yes! A whole new classification of PR! #munchkin

Norak is still going all out for the 15k, and I think I managed to convince the hubs to do the little 5k with us. I shall run AND cheerlead.

I’m glad I remained flexible in my training and listened to my body and gut. I’m still doing a race, which is exactly what I wanted. And if every race training plan could be as easy as training for a 5k…

When life hands you lemons, how do you make lemonade?

23 responses to “Race Week

  1. Good luck with your race, you will dominate it, baby on board and all. When things get tough, I try to set smaller goals that are attainable, keeps me focused on the larger prize.

  2. Excellent decision my friend — run and race with heart and then stand back and cheer your mom on and all the other runners while the munchkin ‘watches’ from the sidelines with you!

  3. Ahh, LOVE the Mama + her two babes pic!! So sweet. You’ll do great this weekend, and the next day it won’t matter that you shortened your distance 😉 That little guy will be watching you race, cheering you on in no time!

  4. You look amazing- I’ve been waiting for an updated bump shot! And your mom is a total knockout, too!
    Have fun with the 5km, and take lots of photos. They’ll be so great to look back on!

  5. My dear, motherhood is all about sacrifices, many times I wish I could be out running at dawn rather than making dinner, but is what we have to do for those pieces of love we call our children, and with love any compromise is possible 😉 and BTW when I was pregnant any type of workout was like the last thing on my mind, so I give you and all running moms-to-be huge props.

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