End of Summer Essentials

Fall is in the air. You see the sun change in the sky, cooler nights, earlier sunsets. I am a nut from October on and I’m pumped for the fall holiday season to begin. Before I get too ahead of myself. Let’s celebrate the last full days of summer with the essentials.

A good iced coffee

Stroll at dusk

Shorts, flip flops and a sweatshirt

What’s your favorite end of summer treat?


17 responses to “End of Summer Essentials

  1. I’m pretty sure we live in different worlds! We have one last summer weekend (weather-wise), but then it’ll go downhill fast I think.
    My fave end of summer treat will definitely be wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts to run!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahhh – good question. You’ve stumped me, and I’m seriously thinking about this way harder than I should be. haha I think the last few nights of patio sittin’ before you need a jacket. The air is less muggy but it’s still warm.

  3. I do love the transition weather- granted that’s probably very different in Chicago than your neck of the woods! I love sitting outside with a drink, bundled up in a big sweater…so comfy. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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