Friday Five

1. I’M WATCHING: The London Paralympics. Is there anything more inspiring?

2. I’M READING: Anybody remember 1994? Well, I didn’t think so either until I checked out 40 Best Tumblr Pics & GIFs From 1994. Prepare to wet your pants.

3. I’M PINNING: Did someone say there is a healthier version of Muddy Buddies?! Holy get a load of this recipe! Although it’s so hard to beat the real thing.

4. I’M LISTENING TO: When the summer charts aren’t quite doing it for me, I go old school. Fleetwood Mac has been in my head! Go with it…everywhere.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Who invented the pretzel? Seriously, where is this person. I’m suddenly hooked up pretzel sticks and hummus. It’s the little, salty, crunchy, things, right? Don’t even get me started on THE pretzel bun.

Anyone checking out the Paralympics?

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