Friday Five

1. I’M WATCHING: Wait for it… The Olympic Opening Ceremony is finally here!This is the best part of the games!

2. I’M READING: A mind blowing Men’s Fitness article. Ultramarathon Champ Runs Around the World. Literally. Marathon runner Richard Donovan completed 7 races, on 7 continents in 5 days.

Best part was his honesty:
MF: But you needed energy. We heard you had a bit of a brainstorm as you ran…
RD: Yeah. I got it in my head that I should try a beer, and it was the only thing that stayed down. I think lots of people look for a beer fairly quickly after they run a marathon, so I thought I’d have mine during it.
MF: So tell us, what was your mid-race beer of choice?
RD: Heineken

3. I’M PINNING: Ah, the foam roller. We’ve all seen it, but here’s how you use it!

4. I’M LISTENING TO: Foster & The People “I Would Do Anything For You.” This isn’t knew but I’ve been rocking out to their album all week and so love this song.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Licorice. Go figure. Black licorice, not the Twizzler type. This treat satisfies my sweet tooth without making you go on a sugar binge. Very satisfying taste.

I am well aware the licorice grosses many people out, is there another candy that makes you go ew?

21 responses to “Friday Five

  1. That is INSANE he ran that in 5 days! Wow.
    We know we like to travel and be active, but we also have the same taste in music! I love all your Friday music choices!
    Did you used to like black licorice, or is it a weird pregnancy thing?!
    I don’t like black licorice, or those gross pastel candies that taste like it!

    • I never liked licorice until I got knocked up, go figure. My love of chocolate has declined, which makes me worried:)

      Pastel candies- know exactly what your talking about, and ew!!

  2. Black licorice, huh? You black licorice lovers are a rare breed. 🙂 I think a beer during a marathon would be excellent. Or, in my case, a leisurely 3 mile run.

  3. LOVE Foster the People! What a great song, I haven’t heard it yet! I am excited for the Olympics too! And is it weird that the only black licorice I like is in Good N Plenty??

  4. Beer during a marathon?! Well, I guess it might be a nice alternate to Gatorade, eh? 😉 As for the black licorice, I just can’t do it. I love red licorice but the black tastes like ass to me…Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

  5. I’ve seen little beer samples passed out at shorter/fun races, but a whole one During the full 26.2? Not gonna knock it ’til I try it..

    My sis’ bf is from Holland and grabs “real” black licorice every chance he gets (literally bought out the stash at one candy store in CO!). So, you’re not alone! 😉

  6. Hahaha, I’m always looking for a beer immediately after a race but would love to have a one during a race!!! Love it 🙂

    I too am a HUGE black licorice fan (and black jelly beans)!!! My mom is the only person in my family who likes them too – more for us! Honestly, I have a hard time passing up anything sweet and chewy…and I can’t think of any candy I don’t like…hmmm?

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