The Olympics: Survival Of the Fittest

The next time you want to whimper or whine about the heat or your “long workout,” please bookmark this article from Time magazine.

Who is the Fittest Olympic Athlete of Them All?
Want to compete in the Olympics? Science says your VO2 max better be up for it:
His goal is to “maximize my output that day,” which is to say suck up an hour and 48 minutes of pain. “That’s very hard to do,” he says. “Sometimes we shy away. It’s so painful, you think, I can’t go another minute.” But he will.

It’s Olympic time and sorry if you don’t like it, but I’m going to be posting a lot about the games. Nothing is more strong to me than natural athletic ability.

And totally off subject, we kind of had a big weekend. We hosted a Gender Reveal party, any reason for cake, and found out what our little Christmas bundle of joy will be.

We found out on Friday but kept it a surprise by having our Dr write the gender on a sheet of paper which she stuffed in an envelope. We then dropped off the envelope with the baker and on Saturday she whipped up our cake with a pink or blue center depending on the flavor of Baby M.

The cake party was a HUGE hit. It was awesome, and I was nervous. Like when it came down to it, I didn’t want to cut-the-cake-nervous. When Andrew forced my hand down on the cake, we had barely sliced in it when blue cake crumbled out, and we screamed with joy. Yea, screamed. Cooler than the moment we found out we were pregnant.

Boy, oh boy! Christmas can’t come soon enough…or maybe it can.

30 responses to “The Olympics: Survival Of the Fittest

  1. That is adorable!!! Congrats to the two of you 🙂 What a great way to find out what the little one is. I am in love with the idea of Gender Reveal parties. I have also recently heard of “Sip and See” which I think is a great idea to introduce the baby to everyone! Any reason to have a party if you ask me, hahaha 😉

  2. I can’t wait for all your Olympics updates!
    And, that party idea is so cool! I love that you guys waited to find out until the cake was cut, too. Congratulations on a boy! I bet you can’t wait for Christmas!

  3. I’ve seen this done before, pretty clever. Congrats on the boy. Make sure that when he starts to get old enough to play baseball that you tie his right arm so he has to throw lefty. Ask your husband about this, he will understand. Lefty pitches are highly employable.

  4. I have my Olympic countdown on and I am SO looking forward to your updates….and any photos that you want to include of Ryan Lotche. Just sayin 😉

    What a fun and cool idea for the gender reveal party. Congrats on a baby boy…trucks, overalls, baseballs, and dirt 🙂 SO FUN!

  5. I love that cake idea! So exciting! I would’ve been nervous, too. 🙂 So happy for you!

    And don’t worry about posting Olympics stuff- I never get into it until it’s almost over and I like to have a reminder to check in!

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