Race Announcement: 15K Fun Run

At last my running race draught is coming to an end! Norak has agreed to do a 10k with me in September.

I knew when I got prego that I would want to do a race, but I needed to be über picky. I debated signing up for a half marathon but the course turned out to be a bit of trail running and I’m already clumsy enough, plus the dual-terrain training would be difficult.

The 15K/nine miles is an optimum distance and Norak is the best running partner in crime. I should forewarn you that obviously I will not be running for time; don’t think I’m going to be able to beat my half PR of sub 1:40, haha. I do have a goal in mind, but will probably keep it to myself, as running a race alone is competition enough. This is definitely about listening to your body.

Training starts today and I couldn’t be more excited! Who would have thought I actually love the discipline of a running schedule.

Do you have a favorite race distance?

16 responses to “Race Announcement: 15K Fun Run

  1. Good luck with the 10k! I have to say the half is my favorite. You can find races that are big enough and unique enough but not have the crazy training of a full.

  2. That’s awesome (and I think so special) that you’re racing when pregnant, and running it with your mom! How far along will you be at that point?
    Have fun training!
    I don’t think I have a favourite race distance; I race so seldom that when I do I generally love it regardless of the length or pain involved!

    • Good q:) I’ll be around 24 weeks I think…give or take. Training is going to be a blast, really looking forward to getting back in the saddle.

      You’re endurance…you love any distance!

  3. I love a good 10K. It’s a nice challenge but training doesn’t seem as intensive or grueling as it does for a half-marathon. Also, huge kudos to you – and all racing prego ladies – for continuing to kick ass!

  4. 10Ks are one of my favorite race distances. I feel like the training isn’t as intensive or grueling as it can be for a half. Also, huge kudos to you – and every other racing prego lady – for continuing to kick ass!

  5. I enjoy distance over speed, so I love the half marathon. The one marathon that I did was awesome! Looking forward to another one in my future.
    Happy training:-)

  6. Yay for you!! I am super excited that you’ll be getting a race in AND doing so while you’re pregnant! What a fun experience it will be and I cannot wait to hear about the entire experience from the training to the race and the finish 🙂

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