Special K – Extra Special Granola Bar Giveaway

You all are far too kind. Everyone is so nice to a pregnant person, let me tell ya.

In other news, my stress fracture is almost healed up, which means my breakup with the elliptical is pending. Your lovely messages were much appreciated by my poor little tootsie.

Now on to a sweet holiday week! I know many of you are already in 4th mode, so focus people. I’ve always been a fan of granola bars. They’re my go-to for a breakfast if I’m running late or an afternoon snuck when the hungry monster comes around. Granola bars are convenient, but you need to make sure you’re eating a proper nutritious snack and not a miniature candy bar. You know the sinfully delicious bars I’m talking about. Well, Special K to the rescue. They’re on the bandwagon now with some tasty new granola bars.

Special K Granola Bars delivers the lower calories and fat you’d expect from Special K, along with positive nutrition benefits of 4g of fiber and 4g of protein. It’s the snack that loves you back!

Love me do. I love the flavors they’ve introduced – Dark Chocolate and Chocolatey Peanut Butter. The PB bar is my fave, surprise surprise. And it’s not smacking you with a sweet taste. Definitely worth a look at your local grocer.

The wonderful folks over at Special K want you to share these smart and delicious granola bars with one reader! It’s summertime and I’m feeling generous, what can I say….

To enter, comment or tweet me:

  • For beating the summer heat in the pool: lounger, inner tube or inflatable whale?
  • What’s your Special K flavor profile – Dark Chocolate or Chocolatey Peanut Butter?

If I don’t hear from you soon, have a popping 4th of July!

20 responses to “Special K – Extra Special Granola Bar Giveaway

  1. Those are pretty good fiber and protein stat!
    I think the chocolate and PB one would also top my list!
    I’m more of a handstand, somersault, and wrestle in the water type of girl. But if I had to choose, I’d say inner tube.

  2. I’m so excited that your fracture is healing and your almost ready for some pavement! 🙂
    YUM dark chocolate anything sounds delicious!

  3. Inflatable whale (We used to have contests to see who could land a jump onto one) and Choclatey Peanut Butter!

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