Friday Five

1. I’M WATCHING: Am I the only person who can watch the preview/movie trailer channel all day? Summer movies are here, whoop! Check out the Lawless trailer – it combines two great American genres — the gangster film and the Western. Starring everybody and their mom – Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce and Mia Wasikowska. And my obsession with Guy Pearce is borderline creeper. Don’t tell my husband.

2. I’M READING: Somebody finished all three Fifty Shades (cough) now on to summer reading. I’ve started and stopped two books already, I need help!

3. I’M PINNING: I found some healthy recipes, like easy way to make your own jam, but I stopped in my tracks for the easiest Nutella recipe, dare I say ever?

4. I’M LISTENING TO: Fun: Call Me Maybe Cover. Yea I am maybe one of the few that really hates Carly’s song, but FUN has me all over it now.

5. I’M NOSHING ON: Special K Granola Bars, Chocolatey Peanut Butter to be precise. Did you know these are the first ever Kellogg’s Special K bars? Granola Bars have been in my pantry since I was munchkin during the days when Kudos were a highlight in my lunchbox. Now that I’m grown up, we pay more attention to the labels.

What summer reading books do you recommend?

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25 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Dude, those Nutella cookies look insane! Loving it! This is the summer of self-help books, will read as many as I can get my hands on.

  2. That cast sounds great. I will be on the look out to watch Lawless. I have SO many beach books I am trying to read right now. I want to start Game of Thrones next but I’m afraid I won’t like it after having see the show (knowing the plotline already).

  3. That movie looks great!
    I have a bunch of chick literature saved up for summer reading! First one on my list is the new(er) Jennifer Weiner book, Then Came You.

  4. I think I have started 3 different books and unfortunately I haven’t finished one! I have heard a lot about the 50 shades…worth reading (or attempting in my case ;))? I think if I were to buy a book today, it would be Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Happy Friday!!!

    • YES 50 is worth reading, see for yourself. People seemed mixed, but everybody is reading it.

      I really need to find something I can stick with, I too started a ton and am not happy with em.

  5. I referenced the hilarious SomEcard that makes fun of the “Call me Maybe” song, and D gave me a completely, honestly, blank stare. “What song?” HUH?! Kid never listens to the radio. Killin’ me…

    Fun’s version is way, WAY better. Next: the “Obama” version.

    In our Tour of Washington County escapades last week, “good” restaurants were few and far between, but one pizza place boasted “Nutella bites” sign, and D just about lost his shiz. Haha, that stuff is magic.

  6. I JUST pinned that recipe! was it from your pin maybe?! looks SO GOOD! And I do love that Carly song…gotta admit, lol. Off to watch the video 😉 happy weekend!

  7. I LOVED Kudos. Those were the days. I also love Guy Pearce. I don’t want to talk about it- I’ll get all hot and bothered. Remember Memento? That movie messed me up.

  8. I love watching previews and movie trailers! I can totally get sucked in and easily lose an hour of time watching trailers on IMDB. Speaking of time sucks, I have to limit my Pinterest time – I can totally spend hours on that site, too!

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