Soft Flask Giveaway!

Back by popular demand. Seems you kids really liked the Hydrapak Soft Flask I was talking about.

I’ve had a blast running, hiking and even biking with my Soft Flask. It’s so easy to take with you on the go. The great Bite Valve feature even works well gel, pretty cool huh?

Want to get one of these “handy” soft flasks for yourself? I’d like to share this soft flask with one lucky reader!

To win your very own Soft Flask do one of the following:

  • Tweet me or comment below on what you like best about the soft flask
  • Tell me one of your top tips for staying hydrated while working out

I’ll announce the winner early next week. Thank you to the folks at Soft Flask! Now get to entering!

24 responses to “Soft Flask Giveaway!

  1. Exciting giveaway!! You know I’m on the hunt for one of these! I love that it’s a nice, manageable size and weight to carry. A tip for staying hydrated- try to find a carrier I like!

  2. A soft flask?!?! Sounds absolutely amazing! I would love try one, especially now since our starting temp. is around 80* at 5am :(…The best thing about the soft flask would be stuffing it in my waistband/bra strap once it is gone unlike a regular water bottle that you have to carry whether or not there is liquid in it 😉

  3. These are small and light enough to carry without too much hassle, and when empty they are out of the way. I really don’t drink that much water while running, a sip would just do, and they have the fuel belts that hold gels and these would fit there! I hydrate before running with a vitamin B/electrolytes all-natural mix called Want More Energy!

  4. Awesome giveaway! The best part is that it’s actually small enough to run with! One of my favorite ways to stay hydrated on long runs (15+ miles) is to pre-plant icy water bottles along my route. That way, there’s no need to worry about finding water fountains!

  5. It get so hot & humid I would LOVE a soft flask. I was just thinking how perfect one would be to hold onto after it is empty instead of a bulky bottle.

  6. Fun! I love how light and compact the soft flask is and how when the liquid is gone, it’s even smaller. You don’t have a full-on bottle to still deal with. My favorite trick for staying hydrated while working out is two part. When I spend a full day rock climbing in the hot sun, I make sure to hydrate really well the previous day. I avoid anything that would dehydrate me and double up my water intake. Then while I’m climbing, I drink water with lemon, which helps keep me hydrated. Electromix also helps a lot.

  7. Wow!! I have not heard of this before. It looks fantastic! I like that once it is empty I can place it in a pocket and continue on my run without holding anything. On my longest runs, I usually stake out where the local water fountains are to stay hydrated, but this would allow me to run in new areas!!

  8. I like that it would be easy and convenient to bring on longer runs when you want to stay hydrated, but don’t want to lug around a huge bottle or hip pack!

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