Lance Armstrong – Tri’d Again

I’ve been noticeably absent, my apologies! I was in New Orleans for a beautiful wedding and got carried away with limited internet access. I believe they call that “unplugging.”

Over the past week something has definitely been bothering me. Lance Armstrong is making headlines…AGAIN. I understand that this is a sensitive subject and let me start by saying I appreciate hearing all sides. I remember seeing the headlines last week about Lance being accused again of doping, resulting in a ban from triathlons, and my heart sank.

From ESPN:
The World Triathlon Corporation’s board of directors has decided to leave in place a rule that suspends Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong from participating in Ironman events.

… It also might end his bid to qualify for this fall’s Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

Why all the fuss – …charges are not based on a positive drug test or tests, but rather on witness testimony and other evidence stretching to the mid-1990s.

Yes, the 90s. End of Save By The Bell, prime of Ace of Base, mid 90s.

How would you like to spend hours of painful training only to have someone pull you from the event? Here we have an athlete that has endured countless accusations in the cycling world – winning numerous acquittals – and now he is being attacked while he works to master another sport. I am sure many reports, interviews, etc. will surface throughout this ordeal, but for now this is really ticking me off. I am glad his sponsors aren’t budging and sticking by their guy; these are just accusations.

And now off my soap box.

How was your Father’s Day weekend?


19 responses to “Lance Armstrong – Tri’d Again

  1. I really REALLY don’t like when news outlets sensationalize things like this — making Lance out to be this monster that well, he’s NOT. Accusations come from all sides and are not always true, as he’s proven in the past time and again. I’d be MORE than frustrated if I were him. Ugh.

    PS SO glad you disconnected and had a great time while doing so!

    • That’s what the critics say, and I definitely see that, but after years and years and years — nothing confirmed. Think of how many they’ve banned and found proof. It’s just nauseating that this is from the mid 90s.

  2. Well put! Unless they have hard evidence to accuse him, they should keep their traps shut. Until then, I will believe he has done absolutely nothing wrong!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed some time off 🙂 It’s nice to get away every once in a while!!

    • And I’m sure Ironman is less than thrilled to lose the media coverage they would have gained from Lance. Too late to change the rules.

      It was so nice to sneak off:)

  3. New Orleans sounds like fun! And good for you for unplugging.
    Oh how I wanted to write about this newest debacle but didn’t know how to word it. I think you hit my thoughts perfectly. My heart completely sank, too. After all the time he’s put into training for this season…

  4. I share your sentiments 100%. I think what these organizations are doing is completely unjustified and wrong. He’s a talented, world-class athlete who has every right to keep showing us how it’s done. Kudos for the well-versed thoughts!

  5. While I think probably some of the press being generated is just the need for a good story, I have to think that the WTC wouldn’t be suspending him unless there was pretty reliable evidence in lieu of an actual drug test. Then again, I don’t know anything about anything. 🙂 Glad you got to spend some time unplugged- we all need it every once and a while!

    • WTC has no choice but to suspend him bc the rules state that if someone is accused their banned, they are not the one accusing him. See, it’s so messed up and all over the place! I really have to get off my soap box, lol.

  6. Unplugging is good for the soul. As is New Orleans, I hear. I’ve not been there yet but it’s on my bucket list. As for Lance, I truly feel that they need to ease up and I’m not sure why they are making such a big deal over all of this when there’s zero evidence!

  7. ahhh grrrr I hate the drug accusations! EVERYONE was “doping” back in Lance’s Tour hay-days!!! EVERYONE!
    I really dislike that those years have followed him into the NOW…I like Lance a lot, I like endurance sports a lot, I appreciate all the promotion he has done for endurance sports and cancer awareness…I could go on and on 🙂
    I hope you’ve been having a great week!

  8. The allegations aren’t just from the mid-90’s. They span pretty much all of Lance’s career, and USADA claims to have blood samples from as recently as 2010 that are indicative of blood doping.

    I used to be believe in Lance’s innocence too, but not in many years.

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