Hello Sunshine

And Summer running has unofficially started.

I don’t care what the calendar says. Look at me.

The official start to summer is under a month away, June 20. But judging by my wicked tan lines it’s summer o’clock around here! My sunshine Lululemon tattoo.

I am such a dumdum considering I recently wrote about how to protect your skin while exercising outdoors. Front was slathered in SPF, and what I could reach on my arms and legs. I completely forgot my back. #thingsthatwonthappenagain

And I’ve definitely seen some of y’all taking part in the Runner’s World Running Streak. Starting on Memorial Day and ending on Independence Day, run at least one mile daily to join our first-ever Summer Running Streak. I am SO in. Are you??

What’s the worst tan line you’ve had?


20 responses to “Hello Sunshine

  1. When I was in college I went surfing with friends. We were in the water ALL day and I guess I missed a spot under my eye. It blistered!! I so regret that!!

  2. ow ow ow, lululemon tattoo, ha! 😦 I can feel that pain… it’s been a while since I’ve had a burn, but in my tennis tournament days I used to come home with BAD sunburns when we played outside. with one white band where my elbow dampener was, and white ankles from my socks! 😉

  3. Yeah, I have a pretty sweet shorts tan line already- it’s really attractive, let me tell you. I guess it’s better to learn this lesson in May before the sun gets REALLY strong, though, right?

  4. I love sport clothes tan lines, but hate when I burn or forget sunscreen somewhere! At least you learned your lesson early in the season!
    Worst tan line? On a trip to Hawaii I didn’t rub sunscreen over my complete legs; I forgot to get the part right near the bikini line…ouch!

  5. Ugh, I’ve had my share of bad burns. 4-5 years ago I sat with my left side facing the west the entire afternoon and ended up with a permanent tan line/freckles on my shoulder from the burn I got. Last year I found Kinesys sunscreen and it’s been a life saver. It’s nearly fragrance free, a spray, and actually not oily. I can and do actually reapply it every 2 hours because it doesn’t hurt my clothes or take forever to rub in. I highly recommend it for anyone who burns bad! It’s a bit pricey, but worth it IMO.

  6. worst/best tan line(s)… several summers as a triathlete… running shorts line, bike shorts line, and sock line!

  7. I got my worst tan lines when I was little. I had a black and white striped swimsuit. The stripes were diagonal on the booty. The white wasn’t see through or anything, but it was apparently much more tan-through than the black. Luckily no one sees or cares about the tan lines of a 5 year-old. 🙂

  8. I don’t burn for some reason, can’t remember having had any bad tan lines in the past. Oh, yes I do. I didn’t shave for a while last summer, when I did shave I had a reverse beard.

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