What’s Your Workout Sign?

Here’s a bit of fun for y’all. I don’t mind checking out my monthly horoscope or grabbing a fortune cookie. But how about instead of what’s your love sign, what’s your workout sign?

Health.com asks, What’s Your Workout Personality?
They have an awesome star guide to help you find the right fitness regimen. Mine was actually pretty spot-on. Although I think I’m more of a biker than a dancer, ha.

Your adventurous spirit craves scenery changes and new, exciting workout goals.

Watch out for: Static, repetitive exercises. They’ll lose their luster in no time.

The stars say: Indulge your curiosity. Learn to swing dance or sign up for a long-distance bike ride.

What does your sign say about you?

16 responses to “What’s Your Workout Sign?

  1. I’m a Leo and mine’s actually pretty spot on! It told me that I like high-energy workouts (check) and workouts that I can look good doing (uh…guilty).

  2. That is pretty funny! And accurate! I’m sitting here berating myself for not making it to the gym yesterday. And I should really get off my butt and go to the gym right now so I don’t berate myself tomorrow! 😉

    (August 23–September 22)
    You can be compulsive about working out and get stressed when you miss a session.
    Watch out for: Setting unrealistic goals. You tend to be too tough on yourself when you don’t meet them.
    The stars say: You hate it when other people’s schedules mess you up, so choose solo calorie-blasting cardio like biking.

  3. Checked out my Lion’s mane, and it was a little crahzy! But, this – “Your great stamina makes high-energy workouts a snap.” – yeah, I’ll take that. 😉

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